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What is Yazd's souvenir?

Yazd city is one of the ancient archaeological sites of the country and has a long history in the field of producing sweets and its manufacturing workshops. The brand of the Haj Khalife Rahbar is the leader in the most authentic Yazd sweets. most popular Yazd sweets are include Baqlava Yazd, Pashmak, Halvah Ardeh Yazd , Lousse Tarhimi, Yazdi Cake, Flat Cake, Haji Almond, Rice Bread, Window Bread, Yazdi Crispy Candy, Sohan Ardy, Sohan Khani, Coconut Bread and Baklava Shami.

Name of Yazdi sweets:


Yazd Qotab


One of the most famous and popular traditional confectionaries in Yazd province is the Qotab, whose delicious flavor is amazing. This pastry is made in the form of traditonal Yazdi and honey. The Yazdi Component is two-part, one part called the outer layer and the other inside of the brain. The outer layer, which is rich in fried fries, is bread, and the ingredients are milk, yogurt, wheat flour and egg yolk.

This layer would be put on sugar powder after the friying. The internal stick is made from a mixture of sugar powder, almond powder and cardamom. The difference between a honey Qotab with a traditional Yazdish Qotab is in the form of a sweetener, so that instead of powdered sugar, they have use honey for this kind of Qotab.

traditional Yazd Qotab

Yazd Cake

Another famous sweets that are cooked in Yazd is Yazdish cakes, which today have many fans throughout our country. This delicious and odorant pastry is prepared and cooked in many parts of the country in addition to this historical province. This type of sweets is used in religious ceremonies and reception of guests more than other ceremonies. Ingredients For the preparation are yogurt, flour, vanilla, fruit salt, egg, baking soda and sugar powder. Cook this type of cake is simple and can be rusted at home.


traditional Yazdish cake

Yazd Baqlava

باقلوا نوعی شیرینی  سنتی ومحبوب ایرانی است که در برخی استان‌ها چون  استان قزوین به عنوان شیرینی  بومی تهیه و طبخ می‌شود. مردم استان یزد نیز این شیرینی رابه گونه ای دیگرازقبیل لوزبادام، لوز پسته ، لوز نارگیلی، لوز مخلوط دورنگ و لوز ترحیمی خود تهیه و طبخ می‌کنند که به باقلوای یزدی شهرت دارد.

خوراکی مطبوع، لذیذ ودوست‌داشتنی که با صرف هنروسلیقه وصبرتوسط هنرمندان آشپزی بوسیله ی روغن ،زرده‌ی تخم‌مرغ، بکینگ‌پودر، کره، نمک، گلاب، آردسفید، شکر، آب، پودر پسته، پودر بادام، هل و پودر قندتهیه میشود.

Baqlava is a traditional and popular Iranian sweets which is cooked in some provinces such as Qazvin province as a local sweet. The people of Yazd province also cook and provide Baqlava in a different way like Almond Loz, pistachio loz, coconut Loz, colored mix Loz and funeral Loz which is known as Yazdi baqlava.

loving and delicious food, made by chefs and cooks by oil, egg yolk, baking powder, butter, salt, rose water, sunflower seeds, sugar, water, pistachio powder, almond powder, honey and powdered sugar.


Yazd Baqlava provision

Yazdish Noghl  

در کنار تنوع زیاد شیرینی‌های سنتی موجود در استان یزد، نقل یزدی  طرفداران خاص خود را در سراسر ایران دارد. مردم هنرمند استان یزد برای طبخ این نوع خوراکی ازترکیب موادی مانندشکر، آب، و تارتاراستفاده می کنند. دربرخی ازموارد از پودر هل، بادام، پسته و سایر تنقلات دلخواه به عنوان مغزاستفاده می برند.

Along with a large variety of traditional sweets in the Yazd province, its Yazdi Noql has its own fans throughout Iran. People of Yazd province use this mixture of ingredients such as Sugar, Water, and Tartar to cook this type of food. Some of the uses of powdered cardamom, almonds, pistachius and other favorite snacks are used as a core.

Yazd Pashmak

The Pashmak is a popular type of junk foods , which is made of flour, oil and sugar. The production of Pashmak is more reliant on professional and training personnel, which is produced semi-automatically. The originality of Pashmak is about Yazd province, and it is 200 years old, a lovely confectionery that is part of Yazd's urban history.

provide Yazd PashmakYazd Pashmak price

Haj Badam confectionary

Haji almond (Haji Badam) is a native sweet that is produced in the central cities of Iran includes Yazd. The nutritional value of this type of sweets is due to the fact that it is cooked with Chickpea flaur and Nutmeg in it. The use of certain alkaloids as a kind of soothing in rheumatoid arthritis can be applied.

Almond itself is a nutritious and rich diet that can be a health-promoting factor with unsaturated fats and protein. Also, almonds prevent vitamin E from causing cholera and wrinkles, resulting in skin rejuvenation. The Yazd artist chefs use a variety of materials such as rose water, powdered sugar, yoghurts, egg yolks and almonds to make Haji almonds.

Yazd Haji Badam

Flaurish Sohan

Sohan Ardi in Yazd province is considered as a traditional pastry and especially in this region. This type of sweetening differs from the Sohan Qom for the composition and the baking mode. Souhan is a flavored meal that has already become one of the most popular sweets in Iran and even in some foreign countries. It has been developed with some ingeridients like  wheat germ flour, animal oil, sugar, sweat, cardamom, saffron and lime juice, which are specially formulated They put on the side and this tasty sweets are cooking

Window cookies

Window cookies or Monagha sweets are exceptional, one of the traditional urban dishes, this native pastry has a special place in Yazd because of the taste and appearance of it differently than other sweets. To cook the Monagha sweet, a necessary tool is a kind of template It is meant to be used to make sweets when blushing in oil. However, in the absence of these templates, it is also possible to make a sweet pastry. The Yazdi cook using rose water,Starch, water, rice flour, white flour, eggs, saffron, oil and sugar powder to cook Window cookies.


Surok bread of Yazd

Surok bread is a type of oily bread that Zartoshtian in Yazd also name it Sirog or Siro. Surok Bread Ingredients include Sangak bread flaur, coriander seeds, sugar, salt, water, safflower and Baker's yeast, which are fried in oil. This bread is used in terms of taste with sugar or sugar free with cheese. These commonly-used breads are brought to the attention of friends and relatives by the Muslims of Yazd on Thursdays as a charity for the welfare of their friends and relatives. The Zartoshtian would use Surok bread for their ceremonies and funerals.



Rice bread of Yazd

Rice bread of Yazd is another example of a variety of sweets that are popular in the Yazd people's diet. Of course, this gourmet food in some other cities of Iran is also prepared according to the climate and taste of the people of that area. peoples of Yazd are provide this sweat with some ingredients such as rice flour, eggs, white flour, oil, cardamom and rose water. Rice Bread of Yazd province have a lot of appetite, and each year, especially in Nowruz, a variety of recipes from different countries receive a lot of food.


rice bread sweat of Yazd

Pistachio Loz

One of the most delicious types of Yazd sweets is Pistachio Loz candy which has been cooked from the past era up to now. This sweet is in fact a mixture of extraordinary and perfect product and could say that it includes all of traditional Yazd sweets.

The provision arrangement of this sweetener is to bring the sugar and water into a special soup with a specific concentration, and then add the pistachios to the rosewater and the hollow, and then use it to end up in the form of a soup after you Smooth pastry, they are thinned in a tray, then they are cut and specially cut in a special thickness. Various types of Loz are include: Pistachio Loz, coconut Loz, Mustard musk Loz which is considered as the main souvenir of Yazd.

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