tapestry fabric for sale

Calico fabric for sale

 The first feature that catch your eyes in this 100 * 150 cm Persian tapestry fabric is beautiful large scale paisley motifs on cream colored background. This calico tabecloth is suitable for up to the eight-person table.

Ghalamkar fabric is a type of Persian tapestry fabric. The fabric is printed using patterned wooden stamps. The stamps are mostly made of pear wood which has better flexibility and density for carving and long-standing utility. Ghalamkar is also known as Kalamkari in India which basically is a type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile. Esfahan is one of the most important producing cities throughout the world. It also called; Qalamkar which means rendered with pen and ink that initially produced in the same method.

This cotton calic print fabric has arabesque pattern with paisey motifs which has been made of natural stable colors. At the final stage colors wod be fix with pomegranate peels


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 100*150  Centimeters

Body Material



360 Gram



Place of Production


Tablecloth Size

Suitable for 8 person table


yes/ fixed colors

Geometric form


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