Specification and price Kettle and coal samovars Enamels Copper

 Kettle and coal samovars Enamels Copper

Alloys of copper are from alloys approved by traditional medicine and modern medicine ، Coal samovar copper it gives extraordinary properties to the water Boiling water in copper coin samovar antibacterial And the water is converts to blue and clear and therapeutic It is also helpful for zinc deficiency in the body وIt has been used in homes since ancient times and today it has been reused for its beauty and traditional design and medicinal properties.

Service teapot and coal samovar copper with Mina design it weighs about 2140 grams and fully usable Samovar height is 50 cm and its exterior surface is completely copper-colored and this has made the Samovar Copper service beautiful in your home decor،  price Coal samovar Enamels more than Coal samovar ghalamzani

Copper conductor is strong and by giving less heat, it brings water to the boiling point ، Brass and copper containers they are the best dish for boiling water ، and they provide water of high quality with a real taste ، Coal samovar Enamels a nice example of copper dishes is beautifully designed on it.


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Product Specifications              

Product Application Type

Decorative, consumable

Body Material



2140 grams


50 cm

Opening diameter

25*25 cm



Place of production


Interior color


External color



has it

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