Specification, price and purchase of copper pot

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Specification, price and purchase of copper pot

cupric pot DALBER edge With a diameter of 26 cm and a depth of 12 cm and weighing about 1760 gramsmade by Isfahan artists this pot is 6 to 8 people .The edges of the pot are designed in an artistic way It has two brass handel earrings animated on the sides for ease of transport , In the pot is copper In the pot is copperthere is also a small fixed handel on it .The interior of the pot whitened with original tin for prevent entry  of a lot of copper.The outer surface of the pot is also hammered .

Benefits of cooking in a copper pot

copper due to shapeability and being hammer from the old in the making of dishes was used. Heat in copper containers  will be transferred easily and this makes the food more delicious ، The food in the copper dishes is heated for a longer time، the benefits of rice cooked in a copper pot is iron is provided in this way it is also very effective for the health and development of childrenand for that purpose copper pot for babies also available in smaller and lighter sizes.

Usage of copper Dishes for the first time

All of us are definitely coming up with memories of the past by seeing copper dishesCopper dishes was used in our kitchens not so long ago and the old copper pot is found in every home But unfortunately, with the arrival of new container are setaside but this is not the end of the story and how many years people are aware of the benefits of copper containers for the bodyand notice of disadvantages of Pots Teflon and Cast Iron and Aluminum Come back to use of copper containers and the baking of food was on the copper pot .
Pots and frying pan are the main dishes in every house and materials for our body through the foods we eat are providedSo the utensils we use for cooking تhave a great impact on our health many doctors recommend and use copper dishes for cooking .
Cooking in copper dishes also need to be gentle heat because heat transfer occurs in copper containers quickly ، Copper pot maintenance method It's this use of soft ash and washing powder to wash inside the dishand  avoid from the wash with detergents that are high in power use the vinegar and salt to clean the outer surface of the pot.

Buy copper pots

Aryalidar handicrafts shop is located in Isfahan city online sale types of copper containers and copper pot in different sizes and designs at the best price for your loved ones. visit our site if you plan to buy copper pot in Isfahan, buy copper sauce in Zanjan, buy old copper pot, buy copper hammered Or call 09129356440 and 031-37778500 .

 copper pots price

The cost of the copper pot is calculated based  on the pot weight .

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[icon_list_item title="7 days replacement warranty" title_color="#0b2ae0" icon="icon: retweet" icon_color="#0b2ae0" icon_animation="3" icon_border="0px solid #cccccc" icon_shadow="0px 0px 0px #444444" icon_align="top" connector="yes" color="#0b2ae0"]Warranty Substitute[/icon_list_item]

[note style="2" radius="4px"]Product Specifications [/note]

[spoiler style="glass-blue" icon="chevron-circle" title="Product Application Type" open="no"]Decorative, consumable[/spoiler]

[spoiler style="glass-blue" icon="chevron-circle" title="Body Material" open="no"]Copper[/spoiler]

[spoiler style="glass-blue" icon="chevron-circle" title="the payment" open="no"]Hammer[/spoiler]

[spoiler style="glass-blue" icon="chevron-circle" title="Weight" open="no"]1700 grams[/spoiler]

[spoiler style="glass-blue" icon="chevron-circle" title="Dimensions" open="no"]12*26*26[/spoiler]

[spoiler style="glass-blue" icon="chevron-circle" title="Place of production " open="no"]Esfahan[/spoiler]

[spoiler style="glass-blue" icon="chevron-circle" title="handle" open="no"]has it[/spoiler]

[spoiler style="glass-blue" icon="chevron-circle" title="Number of handle " open="no"]3Brass batch3 number[/spoiler]

[spoiler style="glass-blue" icon="chevron-circle" title="cap" open="no"]has it[/spoiler]

[spoiler style="glass-blue" icon="chevron-circle" title="External color " open="no"]Copper[/spoiler]

[spoiler style="glass-blue" icon="chevron-circle" title="Interior color " open="no"]silver[/spoiler]

[spoiler style="glass-blue" icon="chevron-circle" title="Washability " open="no"]has it[/spoiler]

[spoiler style="glass-blue" icon="chevron-circle" title="Cooking ability " open="no"]has it[/spoiler]

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