Copper Fruit Dish with 3 small legs

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Embossed Copper Fruit Dish with 3 small legs


You can use the Embossed Copper Fruit Dish with 3 small legs not only at your party but also as a decor in your home layout. Although copper dishes are beautiful by its nature at the same time, this tray with possessing the emboss works on it has become more appealing and beautiful. The flat bottom of this fruit container gives you the opportunity to use it as a candy dish.
The feature of this tray is possessing three small legs below it which makes the shape of this fruit container spacial and unique. Two earrings form handles are also on both sides of the dish. The edges of the fruit container are slightly higher than the surface and it has the crimping edge. This container is fully copper-colored, and its interior is engraved with beautiful designs.
If you like Iranian art for decoration and application, fill your house decoration with such a masterpiece.


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