Copper fruit dish with a leg


Copper Fruit dish with a leg (size2)


Copper candy and fruit dish is a container that can make your dining table beautiful by itself. The Copper dish with a leg is an original, beautiful and functional container. If you want to make a traditional environment, this copper dish is perfect for you.
The copper dish has two small movable handles and a base leg of copper, which is designed under the dish, which has made the appearance of the dish very beautiful. The interior part of the container has been tinted and it is white with silver and its outer body is copper color.
The copper container, besides candy and fruit, is also a good choice for using the guest's food table. The edges of the dish are crimping, the inside of the dish is engraved with beautiful traditional designs.

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Decorative Applicable

Body Material



13 *24*24centimeter



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Cooking ability


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Interior color

white/ Tin works

Exterior Color


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