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The most famous name of Urumieh is Iran's Paris. Urumieh has three important rivers such as Nazluchai, Shahchai and Barandozchaei, which are still in the city.



The root of the name of Urmia is Assyrian, which consists of two words "Ur" meaning "City" and "Mīh" meaning "Water". The most famous name of the city of Urmia can be referred to as the Paris of Iran, but it also has other titles such as Happy Town, Water City, the city of religions.

In the time of Pahlavi due to the special interest of Reza Shah in this city, the name of the city of Urumieh changed to Rezaei. Urmia is the first medical education center, the first local TV network and local magazine in Iran, the first hospital and school in the new fashion. Urmia is one of the high-traffic cities in Iran.

Bedchamber of central Mosque

Urumia population

According to the census conducted in 1395, the population of Urumieh is about 2.136.203 and is declared as the eighth most populated city of Iran, and also the second most populous city in the northwest of our beloved Iran. One of Urumieh's problems is urban traffic.

Orumiyeh weather

The weather in Urmia is relatively warm in summer and cold in winter. The rainfall in the city of Orumieh is from late October or beginning from the beginning of November and continues until June. Ice is also observed in Orumiyeh. One of the problems of Urmia is air pollution.

Native Culture of Urmia

Urumia is known as a multi-ethnic city with many religions and religions. The ethnic groups that formed the city of Urmia are, respectively, the majority of Azerbaijani Turks, Kurds and Christians, Armenians, Assyrians and Neo-Nechia, as well as Persians, Kalims, Babylonians and Baha'is.
According to the experts and professors of the religious school, the lover or the hero who is the old and original music, as well as a characteristic of the Turkic language, in Urumia, it has maintained its authenticity and has been registered in the cultural heritage of our beloved Iran.

Urmia geographic location

Urmia is located in the northwestern part of Iran, and is also located in the center of the West Azarbaijan province in the mountainous region, located on a plain and lush side, located along the lake of Orumieh. The city is also surrounded by vineyards and apples.
Source of the river is Shahrchaei, Turkey's turquoise valley, which eventually flows into the Lake Urumia. Lake Urmia divides the provinces of East Azarbaijan and West Azarbaijan.

Urmia Area

The area of the city of Urumieh is 10 thousand and 50 hectares.

Urumieh airport

One of the typical airports in the northwest of Orumiyeh International Airport, which runs its domestic flights to Tehran, Mashhad and foreign travels to Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Turkey, from airlines such as Aseman, Iran Air and Ata at this airport are active.

The airport also has a cargo and passenger inspection device in both terminals. At Arialidar, it is possible to purchase airfares from Isfahan to Orumiyeh at affordable prices.


Orumiyeh souvenir and Orumiyeh traditional food


The most famous souvenir in Urmia is the Noghl and Halvah peanut which Noghl is in various flavors such as Saffron, Bidmeshk, Golmohammadi, Cinnamon and .... Due to good weather, Orumiyeh produces good fertilizers, the most famous of which are Badranjboyeh and Musk willow. Traditional Urmia sweets are TarHalva, Dushab Halvah, Nasa Halvah, Tanour Sweets, which are very gourmet and popular.

Different types of jams, syrups, breads (including: Ardeh Bread, Chopped Tender,Tavachareh), pickles are also souvenirs from the city of Orumieh.
Now we are introducing the traditional food of Urmia, which should try once and get acquainted with these delicious foods:
Gozlame or Jozzlama food means "Do not Wait", including Urmia Cuisine, which is prepared in the shortest time and served with bread. another food is common in Urmia, and it is also very luscious, is the Urmiyeh stew . Shurjeh Urmia is one of the Orumiyeh foods, which can be served as a snack or main meal.

The soup of Urmia, which is a crumbled soap, which is sourdough or boiled with bacon. Urmia bulgur soup or "Yarma shrubasy", a very delicious pancake called Ash Doogh.


Sights and Historic Sites of Urmia


Lake Urmia, which has salt water, is the largest lake in the Middle East region and the second largest lake in the world.
The Doghoz icehouse or Urumieh glassware house, whose construction is related to the Qajar period, can be considered as the best tourist attraction in Urumia, which is also called the nine-staged glacier, and this building is located on Urgrim street, Asghar Khan.
The Orumiyeh Mosque, located on Iqbal Street, is constructed in the seventh century AH.

Photo of Orumiyeh Mosque

The Church of Mary the Mother, the Church of the Assyrian, the Church of Mary or Mary the Mary are the names used for this church and its located on the street of Quds, Urmia. In ancient times, this monument has been considered to be the Zoroastrian temples. The Urmia Marsergiz Church is a part of the Sassanid period.

Marsrgiz Church


The building of the municipality, which was built in the early period of the Pahlavi era, is located on the street of Imam, east of the old city square.
The construction of three domes or brick towers, which was constructed for the Seljuk period in the 6th century AH and also the best example of the tomb of Iran, is located in the south-eastern part of Urmia, the street of the Barzegar.

At the entrance of the building, three stone inscriptions with a line Kofi is carved. The diameter of this building is 5 meters and its height is about 13 meters.

The construction of three domes of OrumiyehThe old Urumieh bazaar located in the southeast of Orumieh during the Safavid period.

The Mirza Agha Market

Dashebchi Khanna Market or Urmia Sourmarket Market, which is related to the Safavid period, is located in the provincial capital of Urmia.
The Hedayat School is a Qajar period that is located in the street of Imam, Amir-Nazmi Alley of Urmia.
The 22 Bahman school, which was built at the beginning of the Pahlavi era, is located between the streets of Imam and Khayyam North.
Alarbaghi Park, Urmia Forest Park, Gharache Bath or Ghaem Bath, Barduk Castle, Holakukhan Castle, Marsergiz Church, Sirdagh Mountain, Mamishu Lake, Ghasemlou Valley, Jame Mosque, Shahid Kalantari Bridge, Suluk Waterfall, Shamlakan Waterfall, Emamzadeh Road, Sheikh Tappeh avenue and Al-Ghadir Beach Park, Garden of Jokh , Mountain Qieh.

Urumieh universities

Urmia University of Technology

 Urmia university entrance




Address: Urmia, 2 km of Band, after Golshahr 2, Urmia University of Technology
Islamic Azad University of Orumieh

Address: Urmia, km 3, Salmas Road, Islamic Azad University, Urmia Branch


Payam Noor University of West Azarbaijan

Address: Urumieh, First Road of Urmia Salmas after the 3rd Bridge of Khordad, Facing the Affairs of Immigrant Foreigners

Payame Noor University of Urmia

Address: Bahrami Boulevard, Urmia, Iran

Urmia hospitals
Azerbaijani Hospital

Address: Shahid Beheshti Street, Urmia, above Azad University

Imam Khomeini Educational Center

Address: Ershad Boulevard, Ayatollah Blvd. Urmia, Urmia

Ayatollah Taleghani Medical Center

Address: Kashani Ave, Urmia, facing Takht-e Sport Complex, Ayatollah Taleghani Hospital

Motahari Educational Center of Urmia

Address: Kashani Street, Urmia, opposite the 15th Street

Shahid Arefian Hospital

Address: Street of Imam Street Basij, Urmia

Photo of the Dam of the Shahrchaei

Shahrchai DamUrmia Shahrchai Dam

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