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Toghrol tower
DescriptionTugrul Tower is from the works of the Seljuk period and in the eastern shrine of Ibn Baboyeh in Rey. The tower is also called in some of the books and works cal
DescriptionHossein Ali Khan Moayer al-Mamalek built a garden that was renowned for Ferdows Gardens.
national botanical garden
DescriptionThe master plan of the National Botanical Garden of Iran has been predicted to represent a pattern of Iranian garden.
Tehran Milad tower
DescriptionThe tallest tower in Iran, the sixth largest telecommunication tower in the world, and the nineteenth largest high-rise building in the world.
tehran darake
DescriptionA place for a simple hiking and promenade for the citizens.
farah abad palace
DescriptionThis palace related to the Qajar period in Dushantape was built on the orders of Muzaffar al-Din Shah Qajar.
niyavaran mansion
DescriptionIncludes: Exclusive library, Niavaran Palace, Ahmadshahi Palace, Sahebqariani Palace, Jahan-Faza Museum, Gardens of Inscriptions, Museum of Basin.
Golestan palace
DescriptionThe Golestan complex, whose name was always associated with Qajar dynasty, was built during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid.
sadabad palace
DescriptionSa'ad Abad region during the Qajar period was the place of settlement and summer residence and the landing of the kings of this hierarchy.
cinema museum
DescriptionPhotographs, documents, and equipment from the old cinematic characters such as dual-clowns and filmmakers

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