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Saadal Saltaneh caravanserai
DescriptionSa'd-al-Saltaneh's caravanserai of Qazvin is located at the Chugan Square (garden of Sadat Palace) and is related to this area during the Safavid era and is cal
Ghazvin places
Chehelsotun palace
DescriptionThe historic palace of Chehelsotun Qazvin is located in the Azadi Square and downtown of Qazvin, and this palace was known as the Paleolithic Mansion during the
Ghazvin places
Cantor church
DescriptionQazvin is a city in which there are many monuments, the Cantor Church in Qazvin is the smallest church in Iran and the third small church in the world.
Ghazvin places
Alamoot castle
DescriptionAlamut castle (Alamut castle) is located in Qazvin and northeast of Ghazerkhan village (Qasrkhan). Its deposits are red and gray, northeast to southwest.
Ghazvin places
Sepehdar garden
DescriptionThe beautiful and historic Sefard Garden, at the end of the West Palestine Street of Qazvin, is similar to the Safavid periodical gardens, but the dating of thi
Ghazvin places

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