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Fath Abad Mansion

Fat'Abad Garden, like the Kerman Garden in Qajar era, was built in Tabriz for about 90 years ago in East Azarbaijan, which is said to be the heroic and beautiful garden of the family of "Fathullah Ghahraman" , the center of this garden is covered with fruit trees.
Little information has been found about the exact history of the construction of this garden and those who have built this garden. Only the garden is mentioned in the book "The Gardens and its Slopes," written by Donald Wilber. In his book, he described this garden as follows.

Tabriz FathAbad camp

fathabad garden

Near the "Shah Gol", there is a garden called Fath Abad, the center of the garden is covered with fruit trees. And the long axis of water connects the entire garden in a way that is common in Iran, giving it a special harmony to the garden.

The only thing that has disturbed the harmony of the garden is a new building that was built instead of the old one. Whenever we enter the upper part, the southern side of the garden, we see that the street is tall, and the shape of the ponds that are built on it is also different. Next to the rivers, there is a green margin that has been beautifully decorated with geranium flowers.

The most prominent place of the garden is its deep swimming pool, which is surrounded by stone. The depth of the pool is high and around it are large and stout trees, and the northern part of the pool is taller than the surface of the earth. This design method is also seen in the Shah Gul pool. None of the parts of the Fathabad garden is unique to the beauty of the city, while it also has a unique and unique beauty.

The elders and old people of the region quoted the Fat'Abad Garden as being one of the great and distinguished elders of Tabriz, Sa'idulmalek. And was purchased by the royal family 150 years ago. Qanat, pool, part of the lands of the village of Fathabad and the current building of the garden, including things that have been traded on the basis of the items mentioned in the garden document.

Bagh Fath Abad, during the time of the heirs of justice, especially "Gholam Reza Adal", has developed greatly and extends to The current reach has reached. The garden complex and other buildings of Fathābad were also reconstructed during the royal family, and this reconstruction was apparently carried out by one of the local architects, Haj Abbas Ali-Tarifiy.

One of the things that has been done in the course of the game is to provide the humidity of the garden mansion and add a floor to it, prevent the leakage of the pool and watercourse and make a series of ponds in the main relief of the garden (north of the south) between the mansion and the bottom of the garden. can be mentioned.

Garden structure and architecture:

The area of ​​Fathabad Garden of Tabriz is 30 hectares and has a two-story building with an area of ​​200 square meters, located along the main path of the garden. This garden is one of the gardens built on a relatively flat ground with a relatively low slope.

The main axis of the garden along the northern part of the south is proportional to the direction of the flow of the aqueduct, and is designed and constructed at the interface between the main axis of Pajadiarro. Eight platforms with 18 steps with a total surface area of ​​305 cm are designed to control the slope of the pavement.

In the middle of the main axis of the garden, exactly along the water jet, in the middle of each of the levels of the steps, there are rectangular and circular ponds, with four circular ponds and a rectangular pond in a variety of dimensions, in each pond There are fountains.

Bagh Fath Abad has had more trees than the present situation in the past, and according to a map drawn by Wilber and ghettos of the region, the garden has been made of elongated gravel trees (Qaraghaj). From these trees there are eight stands around a circular pond, four sides around the square, and twelve sides around the main reservoir facing the garden mansion.

It is located along the main axis of the main gardens of the garden and, according to Wilber, a new building has been erected at the site of the old crescent. This mansion has an area of ​​200 square meters and is designed and constructed in two-story, simple and small booths.

The building is designed to provide sufficient living space for a dwelling in two floors. In the past, in the garden there were some sanitary facilities and stables that were lost due to lack of care and maintenance.


Garden change:

In 1995, the Fathabad Garden of Tabriz was purchased by the education of the East Azarbaijan Province from the family of Adel, and for the purposes of education with the change of form


Al-Ghadir Cultural Camp

For boys and girls

"Kowsar camp"

For girls. In order to turn the garden into this camp, part of the grounds around the garden was placed under the supervision of education for the development and construction of buildings appropriate to the camp.

The garden complex and Fathābad mansion were registered in November, 2000 in the list of national works of Iran, and in order to develop the garden, the cultural heritage of Tabriz, the development and utilization of the garden of Fatahabad was included in its study program until the development of the garden caused Do not get lost in the real identity.

Therefore, education under the Tabriz cultural heritage has been eliminated by planting trees, reviving new historical and historical accesses, existing monuments and wallcovering around the garden to revive the garden in the past, the main axis of the water route under the Tabriz Cultural Heritage Reconstruction and large sections of the watering, ponds and ponds are being repaired in the timetable.



Visiting this garden is recommended to tourists and travelers of Tabriz.
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East Azarbaijan, Tabriz, Central District, Chahi Square, Fath Abad Village, Fath Abad Mansion

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