Tehran Tourism Exhibition

Tehran International Tourism Exhibition


The 11th International Exhibition of Tourism and Related Industries is a great opportunity for tourism industry activists. Industry activists can get acquainted with new ideas for tourism in addition to introducing and delivering their products internationally.


If you plan to attend this exhibition, you should know the conditions and times of the exhibition so that you can plan your flight ticket purchase.


The objectives of the International Exhibition of Tourism and Affiliated Industries in Tehran


As you know, the tourism industry is considered the third largest income industry in the world. For this reason, the main goals of this exhibition are to promote the status of the tourism industry and to create a culture of tourist acceptance and avoid the tourism industry escaping in order to decrease our dependence on the oil revenues.


The holding of exhibitions is carried out with different purposes:

1. Creating a culture of tourism attraction and promoting the status of Iran in terms of tourism

2- Introducing the hotel and tourism potentials of Iran

3- Providing the necessary facilities for attracting tourists to the country and solving problems in this field

4. Examination of the strengths and weaknesses of the tourism area and encouraging tourism industry activists and related organizations to enter and expand activities in the field of tourism.

Exhibitors of the International Tourism Fair of Tehran
Exhibitors are the international exhibition of business owners who operate directly and indirectly in the tourism industry:

1- Electronic Tourism Banking

2. Activists in the field of insurance services

3. leisure and aqua parks

4. Health tourism

5. Travel and services Companies

6. Travel equipment and facilities

7. Airlines, Marinas, Railways and Land

8. Pilgrimage tourism

9. Sports tourism

10. Tastes

11. Design of hotel decoration

12- Restaurant's equipment and facilities

13. activists in travel transportation

14- Museums

15. Pool equipment and sports clubs

The time of Tehran International Tourism Fair

The exhibition of tourism and affiliated companies will be held on the 3rd to 6th of February in the permanent site of international exhibitions, and it is anticipated that it will be welcomed like previous years. Last year Italy, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Cyprus, Germany, France, Korea, Venezuela and Armenia hosted the exhibition. The presence of foreign and domestic participants made the exhibition the only valid recognized event in the field of tourism in Iran.


The halls of the International Tourism Fair of Tehran


Thanks to the excellent interest and enthusiasm that has been made at the International Tourism Fair in the past years, the exhibition area has increased by 55% this year. Based on various industries related to tourism; exhibition halls include:

Hall A31: This hall is owned by hoteliers and business people in the field of tourism and hotel equipment.

Hall A38: It is dedicated to introducing the historical and cultural aspects of the country.

Hall A44: The hall is about hotel business activists, owners of accommodation and lodging.

Hall A41: There are other groups and accessories in this hall.

Who can attend to the International Tourism Fair:


Visiting the International Tourism Fair is open to the public, and all activists and enthusiasts in this area can use this great opportunity. Undoubtedly, there is an unforgettable experience for everyone.


location of Tehran International Exhibition


Tehran - Chamran Highway south to the north- after Yadegare Imam bridge - permanent place of Tehran International Exhibitions

Exhibition Type: International Specialized

Holding: 3-6 February 1396 equel to January 23-26, 2018

Exhibition organizer: International Business and Trade Company of Tehran with the permission of Iran Trade Development Organization and with the support of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran

Exhibition call numbers: 021-22397540 (6 lines) and 0919-4227283-4

The goods and services offered in various sections of the Tehran Tourism Exhibition are:


1- different Types of tourist cars

2- Various types of travel equipment like suitcases, tents, lighting equipment, Caravan and tow, camping equipment

3. Electronic tourism services

4. Hotels and tourist villages

5. Arts and Crafts

6. Agencies and passenger service companies

7- Airlines, Marines, Land and Railways systems

8. online Reservations

9. Banks and insurances

Visitors interested in visiting the International Tourism exhibition of Tehran can call  031-37756987 or visit the Ariyaleader site.


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