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Tabriz Iran

About Tabriz

The capital of the East Azarbaijan Province is Tabriz city, which is one of the great cities of Iran and also the largest city in the northwestern region of Iran. The city of Tabriz is known as the city's first.

Tabriz city

The city of Tabriz is famous for its first city because it was the first printing house and the first public cinema and first kindergarten and the first school of choral etc. in Tabriz. The city of Tabriz is one of the long-standing cities that have been the capital of Iran.

The peak of the city of Tabriz was related to the Ilkhan period, and it was also the leading and most important city in Iran during the Qajar period of Tabriz. Today, the city of Tabriz is considered one of the most important economic and industrial cities of the country.

Tabriz has two parts and four towns and six villages and 67 villages and Tabriz has 324 square kilometers.

Tabriz Map Urban areas of Tabriz

Weather in Tabriz city

The weather in Tabriz is hot and dry in summer, but it has a moderate climate due to its rich gardens and also the Sahand Mountain, and is cold in the winter.

Tabriz city language

Today, the language of the people of Tabriz is Azeri, Azerbaijani, and Turkish Azerbaijani.


Tabriz city population


In 1247 Tabriz's solar city was ranked first in the most populous city of Iran. Between 1269 and 1345, Tabriz and Tehran were equal in terms of population, and today Tabriz ranked sixth in terms of the most populous city in Iran. According to a census conducted in 1395, the population of Tabriz was about 1,773,033.


Tabriz food

Now we arrive at the section on introducing delicious Tabriz foods

The city of Tabriz has a variety of delicious cuisine, which is not anyone who does not like to enjoy it, the most famous of which can be referred to Tabrizi, and other Tabriz food:
  Green bean curry, Carrot stew, Doimaj,Fruits Ash, Nut tomatoes, Sour cream, Sour cream, Lentils

Tabriz Souvenir

Tabriz, and its delicious sweet souvenirs: Nogha Tabriz,Ghorabi Tabriz, Eris, Baghlava Tabriz, Rahat-ol-holghom, Noodles, Sweets, Luz Tabriz, Nuts and Nuts

Tabriz View of Iran

Il-Goli or Shahgoli, one of the most important tourist places of Tabriz city, was built during the Agh-Qoyunlou period.

elgoli tabriz 

The Citadel of Tabriz, built in 701 solar year.

Arg of Tabriz


Mosque of Kabud (Firoozeh Islam) or Jamshah Mosque, which was built in the 9th century.

Mosque of Kabud

The Tabriz market, which is the largest indoor market in the world, has also been registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List..tabriz market

 The Constitutional Museum of Tabriz is one of the ports left by the Qajar period.Constitutional Museum of Tabriz

 The house and museum of Tabriz, a beautiful home of the Qajar period.museum of Tabriz

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