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About Tabriz Tabriz is one of the major areas of the country in terms of administrative, commercial, political, cultural and military. Due to its many tourist attractions, it attracts many guests from all over Iran and other countries annually.
Dear people, you can go to Tabriz to buy airline tickets to Isfahan Airlines or visit the Arialidar Tourism Company headquarters or purchase tickets online using the company's website. Tabriz Airways Isfahan Airlines to Tabriz is about 775 kilometers. This is much shorter than ground paths. The time it takes to leave Isfahan's passengers to Tabriz is about 1 hour and 28 minutes, which varies according to the weather conditions, and sometimes it can not last longer or shorter. Due to the length of the route, it is much more affordable for passengers to choose a plane trip. The price of the Isfahan airplane ticket to Tabriz is about 280 USD, which is also available for children under 12 years of age in accordance with other flights. This ticket price on regular days and the price of a charter ticket is much less than this, which depends on the luck of the passengers. To make tickets to Isfahan to Tabriz you can also apply online and online.
Tabriz Airport Tabriz Airport is located a distance from the center of the city, about 6071 kilometers. Shahid Madani International Airport was built in 1329. The airport was named after several times as an example in 1326 as a radio waved air. In 1329 it was renamed to the air station with the construction of a dirt belt, and in 1335 it became known as Tabriz Airport with more equipment. During the years The airport was more equipped and equipped to the point where it was selected by the government as an international airport in 1370, and in 1999 it was able to rank among the first-class airports in the country. The airport is one of the four open air airports in Iran, with a large number of domestic and foreign flights daily. The flights of Tabriz's Isfahan flights are usually Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. The flight time of Isfahan in Tabriz is usually 10:50 minutes. Currently, there are about 200 domestic flights and 20 foreign flights from this airport and one of the most promising airports in the country. The city's international flights to Istanbul, Dubai, Erzurum, Damask, Baku, Baghdad, Medina, Jeddah, Ghazi, Einat, Baku, Najaf, Tbilisi and Van, and the domestic flights of the airport to the cities of Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Bandar Abbas, Mahshahr, Kish and Assalouyeh. For the sake of comfort, passengers are on the way to the city center on the way to the city center and vice versa, taxi services and bus services that provide welfare services around the clock, and there is no worry for passengers. Tabriz International Martyr Madani International Airport has the best amenities for travelers and tourists such as sanatoria, prayer room, bank, taxi agencies and bus services, restaurants and coffee shops, security and police centers and relief and medical centers.
Tabriz is the city of Tabriz This historic and cultural city is one of the coldest parts of the country. Tabriz's climate is cool in most days of the year, and it is quite clear in cold seasons such as autumn and winter cold weather of Tabriz. But cold temperatures do not prevent visitors from seeing the historical, cultural and natural tourist attractions of this beautiful and beautiful city, so that tourists visiting the city, even in the cold seasons, just do not feel the attractions of this city and do not feel cold. They do. The city is a reminder of the memories of prominent historical political figures. Tabriz has many spectacular attractions. We mention some of Tabriz's attractions. Tabriz is known as the world's carpet weave because of its diverse carpet texture and its texture. Tabloofars tabriz
Tabriz Museum of Qajar One of the historical attractions of Tabriz is the Qajar Museum, which was built at the site of the Emirate Grosse Mansion. This mansion dates back to the Qajar era of Nasir al-Din Shah and is part of the national monument. This two-story mansion houses specially designed halls to display the works of history, including the Hall of the Coin, the Wrought Iron Hall, the Chinese Hall, the Hall of the Glass, the Hall of Metals, the Music Hall, the Khatam Hall. Stone Hall, Hall of Arms, Hall of Regal and Commands, Architecture and Urban Hall of Fame, Hall of Lantern and Hall of Fame. The Azerbaijani language has long been prevalent among the Turkmen people. Turkish music
Azerbaijan Museum of Tabriz The Museum of Azerbaijan is located in the vicinity of the Tabriz Moghave Mosque. This museum is also called Tabriz Museum. The museum is the second most historic museum after the National Museum of Tehran. It has three halls, in which about 2300 permanent works were exhibited from the past even before the Islamic era. So, considering the greatness of the time, the works of visiting this museum are a great offer for tourists.
Tabriz Stone Museum Right next to the Museum of Azerbaijan there is a small courtyard in which a number of ancient stone paintings has been visited by tourists and has become famous for the stone museum.
Museum of the Master The Museum of Behoni is the first private museum in the country that stands next to the Tomb of Shiraz and the Tomb of Seyyed Hamzah. It features works that are related to the creativity and initiative of a professor whose fruits, nuts, food, the subject matter of proverbs , Customs and ... as gypsum and cemetery sculptures.
Tabriz Natural History Museum This museum is constructed by Tabriz Environmental Organization

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