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Student's Day Gift

Naming Student Day goes back to the time when the Pahlavi regime, which came to power with the help of American masters, succeeded in consolidating the foundations of its government after the August 28, 1953 coup, unaware that the resistance of the people was not completely abolished and the Iranian people. At the earliest opportunity they will express their anger, if you are looking for cool ideas as a student day gift, visit our products at Aria Leader Crafts Store to give them a worthy gift.

هدیه روز دانشجو

What is student day ?

In 1332, Nixon, the vice president of the United States, traveled to Iran to view the $ 21 million investment that the Black American intelligence agency had spent to overthrow Mossadegh's government.The Iranian people were depressed and saddened by the divisions created by the tyrants.
The leadership of the resistance movement intended to raise the voice of public protest and foil the efforts of Washington and London, which sought to legitimize the coup by achieving their desired goals, to coordinate the program at the University of Tehran.
University of Tehran students staged a protest at the arrival of new British Embassy official Denis Wright in Iran on December 14, 2014, Students in the faculties of political science and law, dentistry, technology, medicine and pharmacy demonstrated in their faculties, and the Pahlavi regime, which was already aware of the nation and its students, had focused on the university. .

On December 15th, the demonstration took place outside the university and many students were injured, arrested, and imprisoned, On the morning of December 16, 1332, Pahlavi regime agents entered the university for the first time to silence the student protests. In one of the classrooms of the Technical College, several students protesting against the Shah regime agents on the campus, They were ridiculed and it was enough excuses for the agents to enter the classroom and intimidate to prepare the environment for the poisoning of the students' eyes. .
The events of December 16, 1332, were recorded as the day of historic resistance in the history of the University of Tehran. Since then, December 16th has been designated as Student's Day, and students of Tehran University and universities around the country are commemorating the martyrs of that day.

Student's Day Gift

Martyrs Student Day

Students' Day in Iran is called December 16th, which commemorates three martyred students(Mostafa Bozorgnia, Ahmad Ghandchi and Mehdi Shariat Razavi) Named every year this day is celebrated in Iran, and students express their political views,The events of December 1332 reflected the reaction of the government to student activities, which was called December 16 by the Confederation of Iranian Students Abroad.The main condition for ensuring today's and tomorrow's students is the level of student spirituality that university graduates need to be loyal to the country,To treat people with compassion and not just think about their talents,Students' Day celebrations are being held in all universities around the country on December 16 to celebrate the students.

هدیه روز دانشجو

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