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From the major cities of Iran, Shiraz can be named as the center of Fars province. This fertile and well-maintained city is located among the Zagros mountains, with a height of 1490 meters above sea level due to the use of temperate weather in history It has always been welcomed by the residents. Due to its centrality and position in Iran and its position on the internal trade routes of Iran to the southern ports of Shiraz, during the Safari, Zandiyan and Boyan periods, Shiraz was the capital of Iran.

Shiraz Irani

In addition to natural factors, other attractions attracting travelers and tourists visiting this city have many historical, cultural and religious attractions in Fars province. The two words "Shir" means the city in the Avestan Persian and "Raz" means secrets. .

Shiraz Irani


Shiraz city population

According to the census of population and housing in 2017, the population of the city of Shiraz is estimated at 1.9 million people. Accordingly, considering the population living on the outskirts of the sub-district, the Fars provincial budget plan and deputy declared the population of Fars province less than 5 million.


Shiraz area

The city of Shiraz is 224 square kilometers and Fars province is about 1268 square kilometers in rectangular form. The area of Isfahan is about twice as large as Shiraz, with 494 square kilometers and Tehran is about 730 square kilometers.




The name of the seven Shiraz Gate

In the old days, the cities were protected by gates, and there were six gates in Shiraz, which unfortunately are currently in this city except
"Quran Gate"



Nothing left. These old gates are:
The gate of the Qur'an, which was ordered by the Qur'anic emperor "Seventeen I" to allow passengers to pass safely through it.
Isfahan gate near the bridge of Shah Mir Hamza
Saadi Gate - near Vali Asr Square (Crown Prince)
The Ghasabkhaneh gate - between the martyr Mofattah and the Falke Khatun
Kazeroun Gate - on North Qaani Street
The gate of the king of Dai al-Allah- on Siboulev Blvd.

Shiraz Quran Gate


Sister of shiraz

Tajikistan Monday
Nicosia Cyprus
Chongqing China
Weimar, Germany


Arg Karim Khan Shiraz


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