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    Terms and Conditions of Use of Arialider Services and Services
Dear user, please see below for the best use of the AriyaLeader website.
Logging on to AriyaLeader's website when using personal profiles and registering on a website means being aware and accepting the terms and conditions as well as the use of AriyaLeader Terms and Services. It is worth noting that in the ordering process, the terms and conditions of use are reminded to the user.


     General rules
Note that all the principles and procedures of the AriyaLeader are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, e-commerce law and consumer protection law. Therefore, the user is also bound to observe user-related rules. If changes are made to the rules and procedures of the AriyaLeader Services, then this page will be posted and updated and you agree that your use of the Website means accepting any changes.

   Electronic communication
When you contact the AriyaLeader website, you register or purchase your online order or email to AriyaLeader, these communications will be made electronically, and if your request complies with all the principles And procedures, you agree that the Arrival will respond electronically to you by e-mail, SMS service (even if the message messages are closed) and other electronic services.
The email address and phone numbers that the customer records in his profile is the only email address and official phones approved by the customer, and all correspondence and company responses are made through them.
For informing about events and services, AriyaLeader can send email or text message web site members. If users do not want to receive such emails and messages, they can cancel the subscription to the newsletter on their profile.

    Terms of sending a question or answer
For email communication and answering questions, first go to the FAQ section and if you do not find your answer, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by submitting your question by using the abbreviation and using the language and script.
See the other ways to contact us on our contact page.
Also send a complaint or complaint to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Pricing policy
The pricing policy at AriyaLeader is based on the principles of customer orientation and respect for consumer rights. At AriyaLeader Pricing, we are trying to offer the best-priced travel packages from the country's main tourists and the possibility to pay with the borrower's conditions for dear compatriots.
In the case that the custom can not be delivered, AriyaLeader is obliged to inform the client as soon as possible and cancel the order. It should be noted that if the ordering of the order, including the reduction or increase in the price, is customized, the order will be renewed and the new price will apply. The price of all products is inclusive of value added tax and the customer does not pay a separate amount for taxes and surcharges.

AriyaLeader has no dealership anywhere in the world, and all financial transactions and services provided through the central office are processed. Please let us know if any violation has occurred.

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Aria Leader is working to inform and guide the dear compatriots about the routes, places of interest and hotels in Iran and abroad. Also, selling the best-priced travel packages for all segments of the community with the desire to provide "an enjoyable experience of an online shopping." .

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