Renting Garden Hall in Isfahan

Renting Garden Hall in Isfahan


At parties, the host is trying to provide the best place and the best conditions even more than their ability to satisfy their guest's satisfaction. In fact, holding a ceremony in an appropriate way would make friendship and kind between Iranians.
In the past, all celebrations and ceremonies were held at home, but today, the majority of people are willing to rent a garden, because it is more affordable and also provides a more beautiful and pleasing environment for our periods.

To hold your ceremonies at Ice Flower Garden Hall please contact us to hold your event:

  +98031-37758500 and +989129356440.

Ice flower garden hall


There are many garden halls in Isfahan which offer various facilities and services. It's best to check the area of the garden before renting a garden and check it out well so you do not have to pay a lot of money.


renting garden in Isfahan


If you are looking forward renting a garden in Isfahan and try to rent a good garden in term of quality and affordability in services, consider the Ice flower Garden hall in Isfahan in the Marq District.

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The Garden of Ice Flower located in Isfahan has the honor of offering a variety of services to be your host in ceremonies. The Ice flower Garden is equipped with all the facilities you need for your party, wedding, and celebrations with years of experience in wedding services, a beautiful and eye-catching environment, with the most delicious cuisine in different types, the possibility of filming and photography is available For our dear guests in an open and lush environment.

garden hall in Isfahan


To contact us please call: +989129356440

To rent a house in Isfahan, please click here.

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