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The island, which in the past was called the "Ebarkvan", is the largest island of Iran and islands of Hormozgan province and is located in the Persian Gulf in the Strait of Hormuz, and from the north to Bandar Abbas and Bandar-e-Lengeh, from the north east to the island of Hormuz, from South to the island, from the southwest to the tall, small, and Abu Musa, and to the east to the Lark Island. At the last census, the population of the island was estimated at 150,000. The tallest point of the island is called "saltwater" about 1300 meters above sea level.
Qeshm city with more than 28 thousand people is the most populous population in Qeshm city.

Beautiful places in Qeshm Island

The tourist attractions of Qeshm Island can be titled to

  • Salt domes of salt water    Dhow in Qeshm

  • Star Valley

  • Portuguese castle

  • Geopark Qeshm

  • Park of Crocodile Qeshm

  Pointing out that you can see the city's attractions with maps and pictures and addresses In the Places section Tourism See

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Hengam Qeshm Island

According to the country's divisions, Qeshm has 69 cities and villages. Some of them are:

  • Tola

  • Dargahan

  • Homeyri

  • Larak Island

  • The island includes villages ;New Hengam & Old Hengam

     Below is a list of the Persian Gulf islands currently inhabited :
& Qeshm         Kish        Lavan        Hengam Island            Lark            Hormuz              Abu Musa         Hendorabi        Great tent     Small tint        Siri Island         Big Ferror (pleur)          Persian Island          Kharko        Khark          Shif          Mino        Negin Island             Island of Sadra            Island of Faror            Small Faroe
Hengam Island is One of the closest islands to the island of Qeshm, which has recently attracted tourists by its pristine nature and the beautiful beach of the island. The main activity on the island is during fishing, it is worth noting that you can visit the lovely dolphin habitat, deer and the only crocodile park in Iran on the island..  Car transport to the island


Map of Qeshm Island

The map of Qeshm and the map of Qeshm Island were added to the attachment. To Download Qeshm Tourism Map click it . To Download Qeshm Tourism Map click .

  • Download Qeshm city map

  • Tourist Map of Qeshm Island

  • Qeshm Street Maps

  • Qeshm map +pdf

  • Qeshm Island map of high quality

  • Download Qeshm Maps for Android


Qeshm Island Shopping Centers

Qeshm's attractions are many, but one of the motivations and attractions of travel to any city is shopping, especially if goods at reasonable prices are waiting for tourists and Qeshm Island responded well to tourists question

  • What to buy from Qeshm

Is provided. Qeshm has a lot of shopping centers for different types of goods, such as women's clothing, men's and children's clothes, bags and shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, household appliances, kitchen appliances, luxury items, flowers and plants, etc. For a very cheap price. One of these shopping centers is the following:  :

The old Qeshm market with address: Imam Khomeini square, Montazeri Street, next to the Agricultural Bank
City Center Address: Valiasr Ave., towards the Sea Blvd.
Star Market with Address: Valiasr Ave.
Two dolphin shopping center with address: Qeshm, Durangh, Dolphin Shopping Center


Area of Qeshm Island

The area of Qeshm Island, the largest island of the Persian Gulf, is about 1,495 km2, which is about two and a half times the size of Bahrain with an area of 706 sq. Km..
The area of Kish Island is about 92 square kilometers.
Distance Qeshm to Kish is about 225 km.


Qeshm Weather

Qeshm is placed in a warm and humid place with relatively high humidity. The values used in meteorology for air pressure vary from about 100 to 1050. At sea level, the standard air pressure is 1013 milli. The air pressure in Qeshm is between 1015 and 1018 millibars, and in the summer because of the high air temperature this pressure reaches less than 1000 millibars.
The average annual temperature of the island is about 27 degrees Celsius, between 33 and 18 degrees Celsius. The temperature difference is very high in Qeshm seasons. The best time of travel and travel can be considered the coldest months of the year (Day, Bahman and Esfand). Maximum recorded temperature 46 & nbsp; And a minimum temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.

 Qeshm Iran



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