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The city of Najaf is located between Kufa and south of Baghdad in Iraq, which is closer to Kufa. The holy shrine of Imam Ali (AS) is in Najaf and has added to the importance of this city to the Shiites of the world, especially Iran. Each year, a large number of Muslims travel to this city, which has led to the prosperity of commerce and the building of amenities and accommodations For the sake of prosperity, travelers and pilgrims have been. Mourning of Muharram of Iran Dear people, you can go to Najaf to buy a ticket to Isfahan Airlines to the head office of Arialider Tourism Company or purchase Najaf online tickets using the company's website. It is also possible to buy cheap Najaf tickets and charter tickets to Isfahan, Najaf. Your satisfaction is always our wish.
Flights from Isfahan to Najaf The distance from Isfahan to the holy city of Najaf is about 693 km. Passengers intending to move from the origin of Isfahan to Najaf will depart from the International Airport of Shahid Beheshti in Isfahan, the duration of the flight from Isfahan to Najaf reaches pilgrims and travelers is about 1:25 minutes. This time with Attention to weather conditions is sometimes less or less. The price of a plane ticket from Isfahan to Najaf is about 400 thousand USD, which is a charter ticket and cheap ticket to Isfahan, Najaf, and the ticket price is more than normal. It is worth noting that after buying online, Najaf air tickets will be available to you at The same moment will be issued. Of course, the ticket price on this flight, like most flights for children under the age of 12, is discounted. To buy the Isfahan ticket to Najaf you can also go online, which is both time consuming and easier to do. Isfahan's ticket to Najaf is one of the best-selling airline tickets for foreign flights. Various offers, such as Al-Iraqiyah's Isfahan Airlines, move to Najaf during the Muharram days. Of course, a trip to Najaf is also being made by land, due to the difficulty of the road and time More time to travel and travel safety, especially in recent years, due to the insecurity of the borderline roads and the security conditions of Iraq, travel by plane is the most wise and sometimes the least costly option.
Iraqi Najaf Airport To travel to the religious city of Najaf, you must go to one of the airports in the Middle East, because at the international airport of Najaf, only domestic and regional flights are being carried out, which is not a limitation for Iran, and it's easy for the Muslims of Iran to travel easily. Can travel to this city. That's why the airport has more flights from Iran.
Najaf city of Ashraf The holy city of Najaf, which is one of the cities of Iraq, is located in the center of Najaf province, it is interesting to know that the city is the first religious city, the tourism of the Islamic world, and is the third holy place to the Shiites, due to the location of the holy shrine of Imam Ali (AS) This city is considered to be the center of world political power of the Shiites of the world, and millions of Muslims travel to the city each year for pilgrimage, which has enabled Najaf to become economically active. Like all cities of the world, this city has an inter-city bus service to travel to other Iraqi cities. Iraqi Najaf Due to the religious nature of the city when traveling to this holy city, it should be observed in terms of the type of cover, even in the case of men, they can not appear in semi-naked clothes such as open collars in public places, which is related to the specific culture and customs of that area. Is. The Iraqi calendar is based on the lunar months, and their holidays are not compatible with our calendar, and travelers should consider this point. The city of Najaf is located in the geographical and climatic location on the border between the city and the Sahara, on the one hand to Najaf and the other side of the Sahara Sand, which has warmed Najaf, the temperature of the city sometimes reaches 50 degrees. Iraqi Najaf The city is facing dehydration because of being tropical. The population of this city, according to the statistics taken in 2008, is about 58,500 people, which is currently higher. The warm and dry Najaf's climate, which is intense in the summer, and the winters of this city are very cold and intense. The city of Najaf is a religious city and most travelers travel to this holy city for pilgrimage, but this city, like most other cities of the world, also has tourist attractions and entertainment, which in recent years, due to the prosperity of the economy, conditions and amenities It's also better for travelers. Below are some of the tourist attractions of this holy city. Mohammad bani hashim
Shrine of Imam Ali in Najaf The main reason for traveling to Najaf is Ashraf Ziarat, the holy shrine of Imam Ali (AS), located in this city, the holy shrine of Ali was not in the form of modern times during the years with regard to the restoration and significance for which the great Imam has come to the present. Is. In recent years, with the construction of a scene called Hazrat Zahra (S), in the west of the shrine of Imam Ali (AS) was added to the shrine, and now the shrine area is about 140 thousand square meters. Many Iranian architects have gone a long way towards restoring and building this mosque, which has led to the identification and preservation of the Iranian art of art for travelers who came to the holy shrine for pilgrimage. Shrine of Imam Ali, Iraq Imam Ali (as), like most Imams, has a huge golden dome. The first building of the shrine was built at the time of Haroun al-Rasheed. Today's building is related to the Safavid era. The dome of the shrine and the porch are decorated with golden bricks, which is carried out by Nadir Shah's command. The mirror of the shrine works has been performed by Isfahan artists in the past decades. The grave of Imam Ali (AS) is located in a chapel of Khatam and his genus is the silver. Which is very exquisite and

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