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How to clean copper pans inside?

In fact, one of the major "ages" or stages of human history is named for a copper alloy, bronze. Copper and its many alloys have played an important role in many civilizations, from the ancient Egyptians, Romans to modern day cultures around the world.

Before trying to copper re-tinning, it must be chemically clean. To remove all the oxides, you can immerse it in a solution of 10% sulfuric acid in distilled water. The copper will develop a pink color when all the oxides are removed. Following the pickle, scrub the surface with a clean felt pad and 4F Pumice. Rinse with distilled water and a clean brush and you are ready to re-tin. Flux with rosin or tallow and use the purest grade of tin you can obtain. The tin is best pre-melted in a tinner's pot, and the workpiece pre-heated to around the melting point of the tin or just a bit more. The flux will be merrily smoking, but should not burn. Pour a bit of molten tin into the pot and quickly wipe it around with a clean cotton rag saturated with flux. Dump out any excess tin and wipe with the fluxed rag until the piece cools enough that the tin has fully set. This should result in a nice shiny tin coating.


 copper retinning


Copper mineral resources are most often seen in the ancient times; Strabo states that Kerman has rich copper mines. It explores the works of the Sumerian copper mining and sandy in Balochistan, in the north of our country, from the Caucasus to Pamir, a series of mines Copper drawn; Ibn al-Hawk, an Arab geographer, also speaks of the copper mines of Kal Sobizadeh, Sabzevar, and Fakhr Davood near Mashhad and Bukhara in MavaraoNahr; copper mines in Anarak, Kashan, Isfahan, and Bukhara are very important for the 9th-century Islamic caliphs. Because of these mines, more than 10,000 dinars were earned annually.


retinning copper

Tin properties and uses

Tin has many uses. It takes a high polish and is used to coat other metals to prevent corrosion, such as in tin cans, which are made of tin-coated steel. Alloys of tin are important, such as soft solder, pewter, bronze and phosphor bronze. A niobium-tin alloy is used for superconducting magnets.

whitening copper

Tin coating on copper

In Iranian traditional life, copper plays a special role for quite a number of reasons, the fixed price of these two goods from the time of purchase to selling it and the second reason is copper benefits to body.
In today's life, people find out that copper cookware used to use by their ancestors were the best kind of dishes. That's why there are many enthusiasts who are interested in using copper dishes. Ariya Leader Handicrafts Shop has been provided best Persian handicrafts for sale at the best price. 
Coppersmithing has been divided into two parts: the first part is the construction with hammering copper, and the second part is rebuilding second-hand copper pans known as re-tin copper cookware or copper whitening.

Tin coating process

Tin coating process is that inner wall of the container would be cleaned then Swirl sand and straw in the dish with pressure, after that with a blower which has installed on the ground, they heat the copper dishes which result in drying and warming the dishes and then cover the dishes with Ammonium chloride and tin with cotton to the inner wall of the dish, which it would make an interesting and pleasant smell. And the dish would be silver and white again, so it will be renewed again.

Copper whitening and restoring old pots and pans have been done on the copper workshop. Copper whitening usually takes place every two years or before it. Because after using copperware it will be darkened and will need copper re-tinning.

whitening copper

Copper re-tinning 

Whitening copper exists in traditional bazaar and copper workshops in the Iranian cities like Isfahan, Kerman, Mashhad, Tabriz, Qazvin, and etc. There are special markets for coppersmithing and besides copper whitening is popular among Iranian copper industries.

copper whitening


Tinning Copper Process

The first step of whitening copper is to make copper dishes free of any fat and dirtiness. In traditional way. First, they put the container in a boiling solution of Tizab (sodium hydroxide with NaOH formulation) for a period of 10 minutes then remove it from the solution and gently polish it with a dishwasher (with a piece of brass and sand), then place the dish on a fire and heat till it melt the tin metal quickly after putting Tin powder on the copper container, final stage is Tin coating on copper which is done by rubbing tin with a piece of cotton on the copperware. . Of course, I strongly emphasize that this method requires a very high level of experience used by old artists and craftsman.

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