marquetry workshop

Persian marquetry

Wood marquetry is a multi-piece decoration of the same level, in which the pieces are in accordance with the layout of the layers of the layers of the same thickness, the emergence time of marquetry art is not clear, but according to researchers, origin place of this work is Indian marquetry. Persian Khatam marquetry is come from Persian tile design of marquetry tiles that have been created since the late Ilkhanid period and after the Timurid era, which changed the design of the European art during the Qajar period, and the education of the European workmanship changed the work.


marquetry workshop

learning marquetry

Marquetry for beginners is consist of several steps of marquetry techniques.
1- Map design
2- Crush the model
3- Installing chopped pieces
4. Cutting Map frames
5- Removing plywood from the woods and installing on the backboard
6. Transformation of the pattern on the industrial wood
7- Fixing maps together
8. Cutting in three times
9 Cutting the sides
10. Engraving
11- Repairing brief dissimilarities and carving
12-Using polyester in three stages.

Marquetry patterns

1- Khatam marquetry (Persian Khatam marquetry)
2. Persian wood carving
3. Marquetry with color background
4- Marquetry with wood background

marquetry process

Marquetry tools and techniques

The coping saw is one of the main tools in the wood marquetry, the coping saw structure consists of two winding bolts and an upper and lower holder and a saw blade for cutting the wood; the arc surface used should be a perfectly flat U section for examination. Separate the power of the handle and place the bow on a perfectly flat surface. If the arc is smooth, it is tangent to the smooth surface and does not have a twist. There are counterfeit blades available on the market. One of the signs of counterfeiting of the blades is its fatness because Fatty ones do not ring, one more symptom of cheating on blades is the lack of flexibility that it breaks easily.

When you buy a Twelve Blade, you wrap around the twisted wire when opening the wire. If the wire is split, it is likely that the blades are counterfeit. Wired is wrapped around it. When you open this wire if this wire Easy to open when fractured, your blade is likely to be fake. In addition, the wire wrapped around the typhoon blades is thicker than wires that are spread over fake blades.
A type of knife blade is a German Typhoon Blade whose numbers are 1, 2, 3, and 4, and two are zero. If you see a blade showing the number of three of these blades, there is another blade called Tempo, whose number is only There are two zeros, and this type of blade is also German and suitable for professionals. If you are a newbie, do not use this blade because it's easy to get out of the arc, do not use this blade in training, because all Your time will come to close the blade.

marquetry designs

Marquetry process

First, connect the wood with the clamp to the desk, then run the desired layout on the wood, if there is a place in your plan with the need to pierce it, drill it down.
At this point, prepare the saw for half the opening of the saw and turn the chassis to the outside of the bow and open it, place the bow in the middle of the shaft and press the chassis to close it. Then place the saw blade and fasten it. If you use a bobbin blade, you should lower the bow to the lower part after making sure that the bolt has right attachment.


How to do marquetry

First, put the design on the pre-order and press it with your non-dominant hand, then in the open part, place the pre-designer area that you want to start the layout from, starting with your hand, picking up the saw and vertical on the design Start cutting, the important thing is that when cutting, the dominant hand should only have vertical movement and the non-dominant hand rotate the design.

marquetry cutting techniques

Marquetry tips

Do not hurry in cutting the marquetry wood, which means that do not try to press the saw in or out of the marquetry design, as this will both break the blade and damage the design, so it is necessary to control the pressure on the saw. Another point is to cut it evenly because snapping between the works makes the layout not good; for rest, it is best to keep your hands steady and reach the corners and sharpened screws.




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