Copper embossed art

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How to emboss Copper?

Copper embossing has special copper embossing tools such as particular chisel with different tip sizes. In one masterpiece it is possible to use more than 50 kinds of styluses. The larger the product, the larger embossing tool stylus is also used.


Copper embossed art 

Embossing Workshop

Embossing Process has long and hard stages. copper embossing techniques are included as below:

First of all provided pattern would place on the mandrel and with special stylus punch the spots on the metal. Then they would lubricate the metal and put the pattern on it. Then they will cover it with coal powder till the copper embossing patterns would advent.

In the next step, the images carved on the product by the chisel and hammer, then the Bitumen that are inside the holes would extract, wash and clean the holes with oil, finally by metal Polish cream engraved surface would be blackened, embossing workshop is being taught by art masters in Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, and Tehran.

embossing workshop

Metal embossing work

Metal engraving in foreign and domestic markets have many applicants in all spatial and temporal contexts. By learning the metal embossing tutorial, you can engrave on any object such as stone, metal, wood, and etc. Persian metal engraving has been teaching in Isfahan by top Persian artists of this field.

Persian metal engraving


Antique copper engravings

Stunning engraving, compared to the marquetry, the difference in the surface between the subject and the background is much higher, and the engraving artist would hammer outer and inner surface of the metal in order to do it without any mistake.

copper engraving

Engraving rings

Personalized engraved rings with the most advanced handmade engraving are made by Mashhad artists. Persian artists like Jangi and many other masters on the antique copper engraving has been inspired by Farshchian art and other art masters. The engraving rings are unique in the world and are traded at European museums at an exceptional price.

ring engraving service

Hand metal engraving

Engravings on copper, brass, and silver with the cold method has named “Davatgari”. Embossing workshop in Isfahan on copper and the Brass metal has been prevalence since thousand-year ancient history in the Achaemenid era, and reached to its top glorious in the Sassanid era, including all the common metal engraving products like Types of dishes, Samovars, ewer, Cup, Pots, Tea Service and etc.


Persian metal engraving

Today, copper and brass utensils and charcoal samovars are beautifully embossed by hand engraving artists. If you are also interested in using these dishes in your home decoration, click here to purchase Iranian handmade art online

The metal engraving process is designed to fill the inside or under the container with a bitumen and gypsum solution to reduce the noise of the chisel and hammer during the work. Then draw the desired design onto the dish and place the appropriate chisel on the surface of the dish and hammer it to the end of the pen so that the roles and grooves are created by varying the intensity of the impact on the container. After creating the pattern, the bitumen is removed and charcoal would spread on its pattern hole finally the dish would cover with black polish oil and embossed patterns would advent as dark lines.

brass engraving tools

Persian wood carving

Wood engraving is one of the wood carving subsets, but it has a significant difference. For wood engraving, the hammer is not used on the wood, and the artist carves a piece of wood with very delicate pieces in millimeters. If the smallest and the first mistake came outside, it would have not any modification revise such as repairing, gluing or etc.

 engraving process 

Copper engraving technique

One of the metal embossing methods which has used for copper embossing is using water, salt, and electricity, which it does not need any special tool and dangerous and polluting chemicals.

Embossing tools for metal

Tools required for embossing copper are water, salt, electrolytic glue and a piece of copper. The required tool is also a transparent container, a long copper plate, an insulated clamp, a battery holder and wire, a cutter and a three-millimeter steel wire, before Touch the copper, water or anything inside the solution to cut off the electricity flow, use gloves, and do not touch any part of the tools directly.
Click here to learn more about salt and electricity method for metal engraving.

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