Kish Scuba diving

Recreation diving in Kish

There are many coral reef enthusiasts every year on the eastern coast of the island of Kish. Diving in Kish Island is possible in all seasons.

The shallow Kish Island sites for diving all people are also good for diving. Due to the diving and recreational centers of Kish Island, the island has been introduced as the country's dive pole. The option to buy Kish tickets was provided on the Ariyaleader web site.

Diving in Kish

Diving in the Kish Island.

The Kish Island Center is one of the most suitable centers for diving. In a state-of-the-art jet ski facility for diving in the Gulf, it is also a great deal for everyone. For scuba diving, the experience of meeting with marine animals and fishes is also a pleasure to feed the sea creatures. this center has been created
On 01/01/95, the Seychelles Diving and Recreational Center opened on the beautiful island of Kish. The center of Seychelle has the most modern boats, diving equipment and marine recreation, such as shuttle and ski jet.

The best diving season for Kish

Due to the special circumstances of the climate of Kish Island, there is a diving in all seasons and months of the year for enthusiasts of this recreation, there are also diving conditions for women.

Kish Scuba Diving Photo

Kish Diving Sites

The number of diving sites in Kish is diverse and alot. The shallow Kish sites are also suitable for beginners' diving. The existence of diving training centers in Kish, as well as the diving centers in the Kish Islan, has led the Kish Island to a diving pole of Iran.


Big Coral Diving Site and Jurassic Park

The Big Coral and Jurassic Park diving sites are one of the most desirable places for diving in the Kish Island, the rich and beautiful ecosystem, which is very stunning and attractive.
The depth of the Big Coral and Jurassic Park is 6 to 8 meters in full fashion, and below 5 meters in full tide. For access to the Big Coral and Jurassic Parks sites, you can enjoy diving and diving centers in the Kish Island.

Southern Crack diving site

The Southern crack or the Southern Gap is another Kish diving site, a very beautiful but risky site, which is less likely to go to scuba diving because of its relative distance from the island, about 5 km from Kish Island.
Big bunch of Barracuda, fish bat and black type, including aquatic animals, are seen at Sutheren crack, Kish Island. Due to the flow of water in this area, the diving in Southern crack wants a lot of experience and skill and can not be suitable for beginners and worker.

Dama Ship Diving Site

The Dama ship is a cargo ship of the Singapore, which has been dipped at a depth of 33 meters for many years to the south of the island of Kish. The Dama ship is located 6 meters from the Kish Island, and there is no need to have any certificate to dive around the ship. But to enter the ship, you have to pass the dipped cruise spacial courses.

Hoor Hut site

The Hoor Hut site is located on the western part of Kish Island and is one of the most suitable places for diving in Kish Island. It can be used to enter the Hoor hut from west rocky abyss or in the small southern part of the harbor.
At the entrance and exit to the site of the Hoor hut in the southern part there is a small cave with a length of nearly a meter, passing through it at ebb time is a great experience. The depth of the scuba diving site increases from north to south and reaches 8 meters.

Duration of diving

Greek ship

The Greek cruise ship site is also an ideal destination for diving, but is less relevant than other sites. Because of the depth of 4 to 5 meters on the site, the Greek ship does not require special equipment for diving.
The depth of the water at the Greek propellant is 8 meters. The visit to the pier is a great pleasure for you in the Kish Island. Around the Greek ship is filled with sticks of iron and steel parts. To get to the Greek ship site, you can use the steps set up in the coastal park in front of the Greek ship.
It's easy to get anchor chain in a short time by swiming on the surface. You can also use the northern harbor to visit the ferry. However, it is very dangerous to enter the ship due to the ship's decay.

Sambaron Site

Sambaron Diving Site is a very beautiful site in the western part of Kish Island, between Hondurabi and the Kish Island, which has the most beautiful beaches of the Kish Island.
The distance from the Sambaron to Hendurabi is 7 km from the Indoor Sea and 10 km from the Kish Island, and the depth of the site reaches 12 meters. To go to the site of Sambaron, you can rent a boat from the port of Kish and return from the Hendurabi.

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