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One of the most beautiful islands in the Persian Gulf and the most prominent landmarks of Hormozgan province, Bandar Lengeh is the ancient island of Qis. This oval-like island embraces a million tourists annually and is located 12 kilometers from the shiboku coast.

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Throughout history, different changes have taken place in the rule of Kish Island.In some times, such as Hakhamaneshian, Ashkanian, Sassanians, Saljokhian, Atabokans Fars, Molok Hormoz, Al Mozafar, Teymorian , Kish Island dominated Iran, and some times like the Umayyad Caliphs with the spread of Islam, the island has become dominated by bastards.

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Before the pearl came from Japan to the Iranian market, Kish was the center for fish catching and the Persian Gulf Pearl Trade Center for many years. In 1969, under the authority of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, a panel was set up to select an international center for tourist and tourist use from Kish Island.

The panel, which consisted of Iranian and American advisers, was based on Kish's beautiful natural features, tranquility, coral reefs and waters. The clean it was chosen as a tourist center. The king of Iran, using the state budget, has been building all the modern infrastructure, including airport, hotel, international exhibition, casino and ... to develop the island of Kish.

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In the year 1982, after the Iranian revolution, the island was selected as the country's first free economic zone. Today, the economy of Kish Island is based on tourism and trade.
The elliptical island of Kish with an area of ​​44 km and an area of ​​90 square kilometers in its tallest region is about 35 meters above see level.

Residential drinking water is supplied by a large number of available freshwater sources of groundwater.
The airspace between Kish to Tehran is 1052 km, to Isfahan 714 km, 1.5 hours, to Bandar Abbas 250 km, to Mashhad 1205 km and to Lengeh port to approximately 90 km. The port of Chark is the nearest port to the island 18 kilometers away.


Kish Climate

With an average annual temperature of 28 degrees, it is warm and dry, and the summer is warm and long and winter is mild and desirable. The weather is generally dry and rainy. Most of the rainfall is observed in winter. These rains, which are mostly covered, provide a delicate air. The moisture content of Kish is very high in the summer, and in some days it can reach 100% moisture.

The weather in Kish is very favorable in Nowruz and is like a winter season suitable for traveling to this island.

Kish recreation

Kish's spectacular places

There are many spectacular places, both natural and artificial, on Kish Island.

You can see the attractions of the island along with maps and pictures and addresses at the tourism sites.

Also check out the hotels of this island along with maps and pictures and addresses to the Kish Island hotels menu.
There is no red light on the streets and roads of the Kish Island. Motorcycle traffic is also unauthorized, and this has made the island more relaxed.
It is worth mentioning that the Kish Island Agreement has been signed with the UAE-Dubai and Lancawi in Malaysia under the title of Sisterhood. Sisterhood boosts tourism among sister cities.

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