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Dear people, you can go to Kish to buy airline tickets to Isfahan Airlines to visit the Arialider Tourism Office or use the company website to purchase tickets online.
Kish Island is located in southern Iran, including the beautiful islands of Iran and one of the most visited islands in Iran. The island attracts tourists from all over Iran, and sometimes foreign tourists, due to natural tourist attractions and commercial complexes and interesting structures and recreational facilities, especially in the spring. Due to amenities and commercial complexes, the island is an excellent offer for tourism and travel. Coast of Kish Island
Isfahan Air Tickets to Kish The distance to Isfahan is 714 kilometers, and it will take about an hour and twenty three minutes (1:23 to 1:45) to travel by plane from Isfahan to Kish. The ticket price for this flight will be about 126800 USD depending on the exact ticket rate. Of course, there are times when we will be happy to call the last minute airline ticket or buy a charter plane ticket, and in this case, the airline will fill the flight rate It offers a lot of different and cheaper tickets.
There are discounts on airline ticket rates for children under the age of 2 and children aged 2 to 12 years. Due to the fact that less time is spent on the destination and there is no way of fatigue, this amount is very cost effective, while the other advantage of this flight is the direct flight of other cities, as there are still many Iranian cities flying They do not go directly to the Kish and have to travel to Tehran or one of the other cities like Isfahan and ...... to travel to Kish.
On Tuesdays and Fridays, from Isfahan to Kish Island, the flight time is 19:05, and on the way back from Kish to Isfahan on Tuesdays and Fridays at 21:15. Esfahan flights to Kish are welcomed and popular with many security and amenities for the well-being of travelers nowadays, and these facilities are getting better every year than last year.
Kish airport: Kish Island Airport is located in the west of Hormozgan Province. At the airport, about 13 domestic airlines are active in selling airline tickets. These companies include Sky Airways, Arias Airlines, Iran Air Airlines, Mahan Airlines, Eram Airlines, Iran Airways Airlines, Kish Airlines, Sahara Airlines, Tabriz Airlines, Zagros Airlines, Air Oil and Airlines Caspian Airlines.
The airport is one of the most crowded airports in the country, with more than 10 domestic routes and 2 more foreign routes per day. Kish Ticket The airport has 2 standard flight planes and 5 equipped passenger terminals that can provide simultaneous service to 10 domestic flights. Due to foreign flights to different locations, the airport is in good international standards and its service quality is comparable to the global level.
There are many amenities and services available at this airport that include: Free Internet for the general public, emergency and medical services at necessary times, a currency exchange facility for the convenience of travelers, especially foreign travelers, packing, bank for quicker banking, Restaurant, Limo service and Pavillion special services, security and security services for the safety and comfort of travelers.
Travelers can purchase Kish tickets to Tehran, Kish tickets to Bandar Abbas, Kish tickets to Shiraz, Kish tickets to Assaluyeh, Kish tickets to Mashhad, Kish tickets to Ahwaz, Kish tickets to Abadan, Kish tickets to Abu Musa, Kish tickets to Abu Musa, Kish tickets to Isfahan, Kish tickets to Kermanshah, Kish tickets to Rasht, Kish tickets to Sary, Kish tickets to Mahshahr and on foreign flights to Kish tickets to Dubai, Kish tickets to Jeddah, Kish tickets to Istanbul, Kish tickets to Damascus, Kish tickets to Sulaimaniyah, Kish tickets to Najaf Ashraf and Kish tickets to Baghdad.
Kish Island of Iran From early December to late May, Kish Island has the best weather conditions and is a great time to travel to this beautiful island. The climate of Kish Island is warm and humid due to the climatic conditions of the warm and humid area, and this is the best option for travelers traveling in the winter, the annual temperature of Kish Island is 26.6 degrees Celsius, on average. The island is dry and rainy despite the coastline, and the most precipitation is winter and sometimes autumn, and is most often seen as a storm.
The temperature in the summer is very high and in the winter the temperature of the island is not even below 10 degrees, and this situation is very favorable for travelers in the winter. The humidity of the island is very high in the summer and sometimes reaches 100 percent, which makes the island's air sultry. From May to September, this island becomes more sincere. In May, the weather in Kish Island is favorable and is almost dry. Kish Island Township is one of the least dangerous islands in the world and is of high security. The beaches of this island are unique because it is suitable for tourists in both warm seasons and cold seasons. You can experience exciting entertainment such as diving, shuttle, radar boat, jet ski, Panana, Parasol and water skiing on this beautiful beach. There are plenty of sea recreational complexes on the beaches of the island that include facilities such as massage parlors, coffee shops, toilets, swimming pools, showers, salvage rooms and more. Kish Island has many tourist attractions that include:
Dolphin Park and Bird Garden Dolphin park

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