Kermanshah Handicrafts

Kermanshah Province or Kermanshan in the beautiful Kurdish dialect, including the historical and cultural cities of Iran located in western Iran, are considered as the metropolis of Iran's cities. Kermanshah province, like other provinces of our beloved Iran, has a variety of handicrafts that are derived from the culture and climate of that province. One of the events that is held annually in Kermanshah annually is the Pomegranate Festival.

What is Kermanshah crafts?

Now we want to get to know this beautiful province with a variety of crafts in Kermanshah.

Weaving Gelim

The carpet is woven in domestic workshops and has various roles, which can be pointed to the role of military springs, ducks, snakes, dolls, tarings and needles, horizontal lines, vertical claws, cat paws, melon slices, Musharraf flowers. .

Gelim Bafi


Moj Weaving


This type of art is known as weaving warp or bedding, which uses a model of woolen fabric. The four-story weaving plans are black and white, red, raster, and white, but they are not as good as the former, and they only do it by ordering it.

Moj Weaving in Kermanshah


Namad Mali



One of the oldest arts tribes of Ashayer in the area, is Namad Mali, which in the past has been used as a platform and saddle of horses.


A model of roughly 150 cm mat is said to be weaving, which most tribes use to remove black tents.


Metal tools


Workshops in the city of Karand are working to build metal tools such as knives, and lockers and keys, and tools for work as well as tools for hunting. Unfortunately, due to lack of attention to this industry, this industry is the same as the other industries, and only a handful of factories in the industry are available, and some of these workshops are also engaged in the production of home appliances.




In ancient times, this art, like other arts, had a special place for itself, and the professors had a very skilled and great pencil. Today, with the perseverance of Professor Ali Akbar Ein al-Qazaei, a prominent and skilled master of the city of Kermanshah, Kermanshahi youth is committed to preserving the art of pencil by teaching this beautiful art. Kermanshah Kermanshah Kermanshah Kermanshah Khorramshahi, which is influenced by historical symbols of the Hakhamaneshian and Sasanian times, has created a good work and is therefore well-known in the world.


Weaving curtains

Kermanshah tribesmen as well as villagers with weaving machines begin to weave cotton curtains.


weaving curtains


Jajim weaving


Jajim is considered a top-dress and because it is very warm from wool. In some families Jajim is given as dowry to brides. The highest quality of this art can be obtained in Oramanat and Thallath. Jajim is very similar to Gelim , but there are differences in the texture of Jajim texture on four boards.

carpet weaving

One of the most famous Iranian arts is carpet weaving, and in each city of Iran, the design and role of each city is different and unique to that city. The word flower among carpet weaving in Kermanshah means a role that is said to have different roles in the names of Gul, Abdollahi, Samvori armband, Kiunani or Persepolis or Ms. Baf, Akbarabadi, Hossein Abadi.

Kermanshah Carpet

Leather goods kermanshah

The industry is generally in areas where livestock is abundant. Because of the environmental and climate conditions in Kermanshah province, there is a lot of livestock growing and raising quality leather, and it is considered as an important center for leather production. Leather making is one of the most important arts in the field of handicrafts. Approximately 100 leather products are operating in Kermanshah, the managers of these workshops are teachers and elders of leather art.
The leather is made up of eight processes that produce high quality leather, and also require skill for each stage, the first raw material is watering, the second stage is liming and flaming, the third stage swells , Fourth stage spraying salt, fifth stage distillation, sixth stage tile, seventh pouring stage and eighth stage of polishing.

Kermanshah Leather


Givi Kermanshah


Like other handicrafts, the province of Gieu is also one of the oldest and is also famous for the cluster. The Give has two insole and overhead. It is used in woolen fabric, carpet yarn and silk thread, which has been used to make it a good option for the summer in summer, which can be extended with long runs and durable. In addition to the province of Kermanshah, Givi is also produced in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari, Isfahan, Fars, Hamedan and Central provinces. In Kermanshah, there are five different types of kiwi feathers called silk gowns, leather bedspreads, bedsheet beds, rubber bedspreads and undercoat.

kermanshah give


Other Industries of Kermanshah Province

The glory of God in Kermanshah is also abundant in the city of this beautiful city.
Among other industries in Kermanshah, the production of musical instruments is the same as SeTar, Tonbur, Divan and Daf, and the dear Kurds of the Iranian nation have a special skill in playing it.

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