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One of the largest provinces in Iran is Kerman province, which is located in the southeastern part of Iran, as well as the ninth largest populated province of Iran. It is also considered one of the historical provinces of Iran, because more than 660 works of this province The national record has arrived, and three of these have been recorded at UNESCO World Records. The characteristics of every city and province are the handicraft of that province, which is rooted in the culture of the people of that province, and also reflects the taste of the people of that region.

Crafts in Kerman Province

Now we want to get acquainted with the handicrafts of this historic province of Iran, which has played a significant role in the economic, cultural and social life of the people of Kerman province.

Afshar Rugs

This model of rugs is often woven in the Sirjan region by Afshar folks who migrated to Kerman, which is widely known.
The villagers and Afshar folk influenced carpet weaving, which is quite visible.


carpet weaving


Kerman province is considered one of the most important provinces of Iran in carpet weaving, and also in the world one of the most well-known carpet weaving centers in the 20th century. Two things are important in Kerman's carpet, which is one and the other is a color and are very similar in terms of design and map. Usually carpets in the province of Kerman are vertical, but in the center of Sirjan and its suburbs use carpets horizontally. Most carpets weaving in Kerman Province are 100 * 60 * 100 * 150 * 100 * 120 * 200, which are knitted with 40 rings in the knot, the most common knot in Kerman carpet weaving is Persian knot. The 100-meter carpet has been woven in ancient times, which is an honor for carpet art and industry. One of the most famous carpet designs in Kerman, which can be mentioned: Larch, Shah Abbasi, Cluster, Afshin, Sarangi, Tree, Hunting Ground and Quranic frame.

Carpet Kerman


Bolt bangs


This model is also known as knitting needles. The texture of this model is hard and time-consuming, but similar to the carpet. One of the famous Sumaqs of Iran is Shirki Scott whose texture is in the villages and tribal areas of Bafq, Kerman and Sirjan.

Pateh Dozi

The art of the hands of the girls and women of Kerman is Pate Dashey, which uses colorful yarns to play roles on the widespread. One of the most well-known pat Jewelry related to the shroud of Shah Nemat tomb ... However, it is woven in the Mahan city of Kerman, which is a sample of over-the-art pute and more than a century which is due to its production.

Kerman Handicrafts


Weaving scarf


The most ancient and most authentic handicraft of Hutak Kerman, is a scarf. Usually the workshops are located at home.
Wide weaving

To a cloth with a thick and woolly hand, it is said to be wrapped on it.

Widespread Kerman


Manufacturing of decorative copper products


The main material used in this industry is copper, which is used in three ways: sheet, tube and ingot.
The products produced include trays, caskets, candles, tebrzines, panels and ....

Copper handicrafts


Cashmere weaving


Other handicrafts that are very common in Kerman are made of cashmere, whose production is limited to only a few artisan craftsmen in this field, which is why its production is limited.

Cashmere Kerman




Double-seated undergrowth is a thick cloth with no lint and is a bit like a plus but a little bit thinner. The yarn is made up of colorful, woolen or cotton yarns.

Gabr Embroidered

This art is related to the Zoroastrians, which is known as Zoroastrian embroidery or embroidery. The recorded record testifies to the fact that during the Sassanid period Zoroastrians were interested in delicate texture.


Korgin weaving

The bag that puts on the animals that are loaded can be loaded with them as pods. Korgin is woven in Ardebil, but Kerman has good soles.

Weaving back and saddlebag


Ciss weaving

Art with palm trees woven fabric, weaving cis say. These fibers grow around the palm tree called cys or gys.

One can refer to industrialists in the name of Kerman province, including Mr. Ali Yeganeh, who is the carpenter, Sayed Kerman and Mohammad Faryzni, have a Kerman copper copper job, Ms. Zahra Jafar Aghaee and Ms. Manijeh Mohseni, as well as Mrs. Esmat Zarbast Kilim They are Baf Kerman, Ms. Zahra Khezri Ghalibaf, Ms. Motahera Safizadeh Pateh Daz, Mrs. Sakineh Mohammadi, who are Qalibaf.

Kerman crafts

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