Kerman Culture

Ethnicity of Kerman people:

It can be said that most of the people of Kerman province, like other central regions of Iran, are from the Aryan and Persian languages. But in some cases, different ethnic groups, mainly from the Middle Eastern and Mongolian tribes , have migrated to different parts of Kerman province during the past centuries. In the past few years, a number of tribal elders from the Baloch tribes and some of the tribal elders have also migrated to Kerman province, mostly in some cases where they lost their identity and could not be identified, and the reason for this was their association with the indigenous people. .

Kerman handicrafts

iran kerman province

One of the largest provinces in Iran is Kerman province, which is located in the southeastern part of Iran, as well as the ninth largest populated province of Iran. It is also considered one of the historical provinces of Iran, because more than 660 works of this province The national record has arrived, and three of these have been recorded at UNESCO World Records. The characteristics of every city and province are the handicraft of that province, which is rooted in the culture of the people of that province, and also reflects the taste of the people of that region.

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