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History of copper work in Iran

Crafts in each state and province represent the taste and art of the masters of that area. copper work with nearly five thousand years old is an ancient Iranian handicrafts, and over the time, copper products have been produced. Humans, after mud and stone, go to metals to meet their needs; copper is used as a pure metal in the environment, and its extraction is easier than other metals, and was used earlier than other metals.


Copper work Art

Other reasons for the use of copper, polished and glittering color of this metal is very interesting. Today, according to the available documents, it can be said that the center of Iran and the north of the country are the oldest centers of metalworking in Iran and the world. The art of copper work goes back to the time of Seljuk era when, Isfahan, Hamedan, Khorasan, Musel and Shahre Ray were metal working poles.

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copper art

Application of copper in life

From the past, there have been some handmade copper dishes among Iranian people, and today they often tend to cook their dishes in copper dishes or use copper objects to decorate their living space. Copper work is prevalent in some parts of Iran, where the mall of Isfahan is one of the major centers for this art. Among these centers can be name Kerman, Kashan, Shiraz and Isfahan.

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In the Islamic period, because of the use of gold and silver in making dishes have been forbidden, the process of using metals such as copper has been risen. Copper is used due to its malleable properties, its ductility, its ability to be sheared and welded, and the implementation of decorations such as punching, grinding, metal engraving, scraping and carving. One of the reasons that made copper metal more valuable during its history was the use of copper in coinage. One of the best souvenirs for tourists is usually purchasing of country crafts.

Zanjan Copper work

copper work

The mode of work at that time was such that at first, the master created copper sheets from the ignit of copper and copper pieces. In this way, it used a furnace that looked like a casting bush, and washed the bushes with a special tangent to the furnace and poured the melten metal into billet molds. His main job was to knock the bark, eventually turning it into a sheet, this work was done with the help of one or two hammerer worker in two distinct stages.

They first tore the metal with a hammer on the flat floor, and then with a four-sided hammer they flatten it. The other metal was not hammered, and it was necessary to see the metal that was heated by re-heating. This process proceeded to the extent that the correct size and thickness were achieved. The copper target was to provide metal as much as possible insofar as possible.

teaching copper work

In smaller workshops, copper work was carried out by the copper man himself. ingots or sheets were made from copper smelter workshops, or he himself scoured copper scraps and turned into ingots and then into sheets. Various types of materials The main product of the problem is. To make tiny dishes, they first open the copper and then flip it over, and a piece of copper will hammer, which is often the case. More sophisticated than the same way are obtained by round plates.

Isfahan copper bazzar

copper work skills

This job requires a lot of skill and dedication. With the advent of the copper rolling mill and the production of copper sheets by industrial copper factories, today, due to increasing market demand and lowering the finished product cost, copper containers are being made with electrical appliances. However, the main role of the dishes and the compilation of the dishes is still the mastery of the constructivist virtuosity.

Copper properties for humans

The first metal discovered by man was copper metal and the first metalworkers were also Iranians. The aftermath of which a person finds out about copper metal, he has been considered flawed and seeks to eliminate them.

For this reason, it was combined with tin, and used it for a long time in the making of copper artifacts, and then used another metal called brass, which was accompanied by many of the valuable works of Iranian art that works in the same way as works of art. As the arts have been ups and downs, we have seen some important developments in the period of the rise of Islam after the period of relative recession.

Kerman copper art

Copper price developments

Today, the process of industrialization of Iran's society is also a turning point in the evolution of this art, although today's industry has largely curtailed the area of art, so buyers of this art have also diminished. One of the reasons why buyers are reluctant to buy copper products is the price of these products, although the cost of doing copper is much higher than the cost of it.
Copper is one of the precious metals in which the price is set at the global market and is bought and sold at the market. Therefore, copper prices are under the influence of global market fluctuations, so it can not be denied that these fluctuations in the price of sales of products are made up.

Iran copper price


Another of Isfahan handicrafts is a Moaragh kari art work.

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