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The city of Isfahan, also known as Sepahan, is one of the central, religious and ancient cities of Iran. It was the capital of the Seljuk dynasty during the fifth to sixth centuries, but in the Safavid rule, which was almost 700 years of the Iranian capital, a great boom The magnificence and progress of the past have been preserved to a great extent today.

Understanding the City of Isfahan

At the initiative of Sheikh Bahayi, mosques, waterfalls, 999 inn and complete communication and irrigation networks were created in Isfahan. Some of these monuments and historical monuments have been registered as historical heritage of the country at the UNESCO Organization. It is also said that about 1,765 historical works have been registered in the province.

The titles for Isfahan can be considered as the Capital of Islamic World Culture in 2006, the title of the Capital of Islamic Culture and Civilization in 2009, and the title of the Industrial Capital of Iran after Tehran. In Isfahan, Islamic architecture, beautiful Islamic mosques, beautiful boulevards and green spaces, indoor tunnels and bridges, Safavid palaces, and unique minarets like Manarjbanan can be found.


Other name of Isfahan in Iranian culture is "half the world". Moderate climate in Isfahan and seasons are usually regular. Isfahan is considered a long-standing strategic axis for transport and commodity exchanges due to being on the Silk Road. From today's powerful industries, the Mobarakeh Steel Complex, Esfahan Steel Company, Iran Aircraft Industry (HSA) And polyacryl company.

Isfahan Naghsh Jahan Square


Isfahan city population

Isfahan province is third in terms of size and population after Tehran and Mashhad in Iran. According to the results of the census of population and housing in 1395, the population of the province was about 5 million and 122 thousand. Its urban boundary is divided by the municipality into fifteen urban areas.

The population of the city of Isfahan is estimated at more than two million people. Isfahan has been one of the most important and best urban centers of the Iranian plateau in the past.


Isfahan Gourmet Foods

Beryan is the most famous traditional food in the city of Isfahan. Other popular foods include: Eshkenah, Gosht o Lobiya, Omaj, Mashzardak, Kachi, Gosht o Adas,Khoresht Mast, Pasta, Peppermint, Peppermint Sour, Slice of Beans, Kabab Moshti, Masha Gomari, Halim Bademjan, Shorba, Ash Aloche...



Isfahan City Area

Isfahan Province with an area of about 105, 940 square kilometers is one of the largest central provinces of Iran and the sixth province of Iran is known in terms of area. The area of Isfahan city is about 494 km2 which is known as the third largest city in Iran after the cities of Tehran and Mashhad.

Isfahan Geographic Location

The city of Isfahan is located at latitude of 51 degrees, 39 minutes and 40 seconds east, 32 degrees latitude, 38 minutes and 30 seconds north, 424 kilometers south of Tehran province.

Isfahan in the west to the mountainous areas of Lorestan and Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari provinces and to the mountains of Karkas and Ghahroud adjacent to the provinces of Yazd and South Khorasan, in the north to the salt lake of Qom province and adjacent to the provinces of Semnan, Qom and Central, from the south to the protected area Dena is located in Yasuj and adjacent to Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad provinces and Fars


Location of Isfahan

Sister of esfahan

The list of Isfahan Incorporated Conventions, which up to today is about 20, is as follows:

     Xi'an, China
     Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
     Florence, Italy
     St. Petersburg, Russia
     Yes, Romania
     Barcelona, Spain
     Yerevan, Armenia
     Kuwait City, Kuwait
     Freiburg, Germany
     Havana, Cuba
     Lahore, Pakistan
     Dakar, Senegal
     Baalbek, Lebanon
     Gyeongju, South Korea
     Hyderabad, India
     Kyoto, Japan
     Osan, South Korea
     Neyshabour, Iran
     Yazd, Iran
     Tabriz, Iran

Soon, the likelihood of being a sister city of Isfahan is with one of the cities of Oman


Isfahan Siose Bridge


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