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Every year, millions of domestic and foreign travelers travel to Mashhad City in order to visit the shrine of Imam Reza. In addition to the pilgrimage aspect, this city has many tourist attractions as well.

Isfahan's air distance to Mashhad is about 833 kilometers. It will take about 1 hour and 33 minutes to travel to Mashhad from the origin of Isfahan.

Choosing to travel to Mashhad with a plane Considering the long route is the wisest decision that can be made because in addition to shortening the time of travel fatigue and traffic and ......... there is no news.

The ticket price for the Isfahan charter plane to Mashhad starts at 50,000 tomans. The ticket price for Isfahan Mashhad Airlines is 14,260 USD per day, which is discounted as for other tickets for children under the age of 12. Isfahan Airlines to Mashhad can also be purchased online, saving you time.

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Mashhad Iran Popular Points

Mashhad Airport:

Mashhad International Airport is one of the most crowded airports in the country. Due to the presence of the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in this city, there are several domestic flights and even foreign flights daily.

The route of the Hashemi Nejad Airport of Mashhad is such that passengers with the least traffic and without any problems can travel.

Mashhad Airport is equipped with the most widespread amenities such as WC, chapel, bank, specially allocated medical aid and emergency aid, firefighting systems and machinery, and security forces and security forces, due to the large number of Iranian and foreign travelers.

And the comfort of the passengers .................

For international and domestic flights from Mashhad Airport, there is a constraint on cargo, for domestic flights, the permissible load per person is 20 kg and for foreign flights the permissible load per person is 30 kilograms.

For children under 10 years of age, the permissible load per person is 10 kg with a fully folding carriage. Passengers with a disability or physical disability can also carry a conventional, non-recharged, non-charged wheelchair, or any other means of walking that weighs at a maximum of 20 kg in addition to the load allowed.

People who have extra charge will incur additional costs. In addition to the loaded loaded bag, it is not considered to be overload and can be carried. With the help of sports equipment such as skiing, fishing tackles, etc., there are also special rules for you, and make sure to carry out the necessary shipment to carry this equipment.


holy Mashhad:

Mashhad is one of the big and densely populated cities of Iran. It has a warm and dry climate. One of the factors that has boosted this religious city has been.

The presence of the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in this city, which attracts countless pilgrims from around the country and other countries annually.

Considering the pilgrimage of Mashhad, travelers throughout all seasons of the year have a great deal of pleasure to travel to the city. In addition, the city of Mashhad has many tourist attractions and tourist attraction that attracts many travelers. Below are some of them.


Mashhad Birds Garden

Bird Garden is one of the holy places of interest in Mashhad, which is located in Khayyam Square next to the Diamond Complex. The birds garden after the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) is the most popular tourist attraction of this city. Mashhad's Bird Garden is the largest bird garden in the east of the country and there are many species of birds in it.

See the Asiatic Africa rare species in this garden. And seeing them not only for children but also for the elderly is both fascinating and exciting. In the garden of birds, large trees, waterfalls, beautiful and colorful flowers such as arches and wooden bridges have multiplied the area several times.

The Bird Garden clock is open every day from 9am to 20pm and the ticket price is 6,000 tomans per person.

Where is Mashhad birds garden?

Park and Town Hall

Mellat Park is one of the oldest and oldest parks in the west of the city of Mashhad on the margin of Vakil Abad Highway. It was built in the year 1351 AH. One of the attractions of the holy city of Mashhad, which attracts many travelers every year.

There are also collections like playground, library, swimming pool and sports field, as well as the largest open-air pool in Mashhad. The carousel of this park is one of the largest carriages in the Middle East and the eighteenth largest car of the world.

This carousel was exploited by the private sector in 2005. The Mellat Park can be recognized as the first park with standard equipment in the city of Iran, which became a member of the World University in the year 1390.

There is a large lake in the east of the park, which has multiplied the beauty of the park. Most tourists and even those who live in Mashhad spend hours sitting on the seaside and do not get tired of their space.


Mashhad Mellat Park Photo

Land of the Waves of Mashhad

Water Recreation is one of the most popular recreations. The land of blue waves is one of the largest water parks in the Middle East, built in an indoor area, with an area of ​​8460 square meters.

It is the first water park in the country. The park was opened in 2007, with the best equipment and facilities for water-related recreation, until the park is in alignment with the best parks in the world. The Tupi Touring Slush, which is located in this park, is one of the best in the world's water slides and was awarded by the Blue Park Association in 2010.

The resort also offers recreational facilities such as slides, speed slides, torsion slides, wave slides, tropical slides, tweeds slides, spatial holes, wave pools, calm and swampy rivers, children's play area, pond pool, dry and steam saunas, A hot and cold jacuzzi, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a fitness center, a Turkish bath and ... there. Which made the collection unrivaled, and attracts many tourists from all over the world every year.


Mashhad Water Park + Photos

Forest Park of Vakil Abad

Vakil Abad Forest Park is located at Azadi Square in Vakil Abad Boulevard. The park is located in a beautifully landscaped area, in the forest park in the river and in the spring and summer creates a very beautiful landscape.

There are plenty of pine trees in the park. This forest park is the largest park in the city of Mashhad, where there is a large paradise park called Parkshahi Mountains.

Mashhad Zoo is also located in this forest park in which there are different species of mammals, birds and reptiles, as well as aquatic animals. The forest park also has amenities such as a restaurant and a coffee shop and a bathroom.

For passengers traveling by plane to the holy city of Mashhad, there are no worries about visiting the attractions of this city because all the landmarks of Mashhad can be metro. And without any difficulty he visited them.


Where is Vakil Abad Mashhad

The hometown of Padideh Shandiz

This recreational and commercial village is located along the Vakil Abad Boulevard. The hometown of Shandiz phenomenon is another attraction of the holy city of Mashhad, located west of Mashhad.

This area of ​​Mashhad is very pleasant to the mountains due to the mountainous environment, with plant species such as Sycamore, Sepidar and Arghavan trees, and numerous animal species such as wild boar and wolf.

Of course, the area is protected in safety and there is no worry for visitors, and it has a different experience for tourists, especially nature enthusiasts.

There are also restaurants and handicraft stores in the village of Shandiz, which can be bought and hand-crafted in the area.


Shandiz Photos of Mashhad

Torqabeh Mashhad

Torqabeh is also a tourist attraction in Mashhad, located at the end of Vakilabad Road.

This area is also very cool. This area is particularly popular due to the attractions of Chalidere Dam, Golestan Dam, Arghavan valley, Dagestan Valley and Dekhbar River in this region, which is considered an advantage for tourists because by visiting this Several other tourist attractions will also be seen.

There are restaurants in this area whose food is very famous and most tourists can not stop it. There are also several shops and shopping centers in Torqagh, in addition to souvenirs in Mashhad, other goods such as handicrafts are also sold.

The summer and spring season is the best time to visit this area because it is mountainous and although it is a little cool, it is beautiful. This autumn this area has its own special beauty that is very attractive for visitors.


Torqabe Mashhad Photo

Chalidare Dam

Chalidare Dam is located in the southwest of Mashhad and is located in one of the valleys of the village of Torqabeh. There are recreational facilities such as boating, fishing, etc.

for the tourists, and there is also a telechannel in the dam to enjoy the lush environment for travelers, in this area a restaurant and coffee shop are also made. So passengers have all the amenities. This is a lush green area and you can spend hours there.


Mashhad Bread Museum

 This museum is located on the grinding highway after Ferdowsi's three roads.

It is interesting to know that this museum is the first Middle Eastern bread museum in which various kinds of bread-making equipment from the mill to the bread types are available to tourists.


Photos of Mashhad Bread Museum

Naderi museum

The museum, which is known as the Nadir Shah Museum, is located at Mashhad Moshad Crossroads. The tomb of Nadir Shah, Mohammad Taghi Khan Pesian and Sardar of Khorasan are in the museum's premises.

In this museum, the weapons of war period Nader Shah kept and publicly visited. It's very interesting to see these combat gear especially for teens and take people to that era.


Naderi Museum of Mashhad

Mahdi Gholibak bath

This old and historic bath is right at the beginning of Mashhad's Grand Market, facing the Masjid seventy-two.

The bath of Mehdi Gholibek is also among the celebrities in the Shah Bath and Razavi Bath. Mehdi Gholibek is one of the Timurid emirs. There are several pavilions in this bathroom, which are related to the old baths, the gastronomy, the toilet facilities and the Hanabond booth, and so on.


Mashhad bath

Scientific Park of Professor Bazima

The park is located at the end of Khayyam Boulevard on the fourth floor of the Versailles Complex. This park is very different than the parks you have seen or are in your mind.

In the park you will experience a jumper, a space gyroscope, a solar sky view and an ecology academy, the park's atmosphere is especially exciting for the children, and visiting this park is a different experience for tourists. The clock runs from 8:00 to 22:00.


Park Bazima Mashhad

Akhlamad waterfall in Mashhad

One of the other attractions in the city of Mashhad is the Akhlamad waterfall in the city of Chenaran in the valley of the Binalud Mountains. This cascade of natural attractions in Mashhad is about thousands of years old. Around this beautiful waterfall there are plenty of herbs that have multiplied the beauty of this natural attraction.

Akhlamad waterfall is about 40 meters high. The mountains in Akhlamad waterfall are limestone, causing holes in the mountains due to waterfall collisions.

The waterfall is in a valley with a valley wall height of about 300 meters and provides the best position for rock climbing. White Wall, Allah Akbar and Eagle are among the well-known walls of this valley.

In addition to Akhlamad waterfall, the valley also has other waterfalls, four of which are permanent and the rest are seasonal. This cascade, along with the cave of the same name, are the most famous attractions in the area, attracting countless tourists to the area every year, especially tourists and tourists visiting the area.


Akhlamad waterfall in Mashhad


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