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The best Roman amphitheater in Turkey is located 47 km east of Antalya. This monument was built in the second century AD during the reign of Marcus Aurelius. The capacity of the amphitheater has been around 15,000, and now there are some important events and festivals. Within the amphitheater there are rooms and various rooms, one of the rooms that is smaller than the other rooms, has become a museum house where you can see all kinds of clothes and armor, tickets at that time and ... .

Years ago, because of the good location of the area, which was located a bit short from the Köprüçay River, the Roman king tried to create a small town here, so he called on all Roman designers to design for this city and to award the design Married to her daughter. Various designers from all over Rome began to design, and in the end, the king chose two designs from two Roman designers, one digging the cannon and laying channels of communication between the aqueducts, so that the distant parts of the area also had plenty of water and Another was the amphitheater. The king decided to give his daughter a designer of the canals and canals, but at the last moment he goes back to the amphitheater, this time goes to the last floor and he hear a clear voice saying that your daughter is for me, the king is surprised and He looks for the sound but does not see the work of the announcer of the message, but later he realizes that the architect and designer of the amphitheater used the rules of physics in such a way that if the sound was created in the middle of the amphitheater, this sound would be heard by each individual It is also at the top of the amphitheater, and this is why the designer wins the prize and a magnificent wedding ceremony At the same amphitheater.

Of course, after the construction of the aqueducts, the canals and the amphitheater, the rest of the buildings, like the walls of the city walls, the Byzantine church, the agora temple of Zeus, the temple of the Agora Zeus, the stadium, the market and the houses are also formed, which can be in ruins See what remains of Spendos Aspendos. Though the thing that fascinate your eyes at first glance and the end of it, it will be an amphitheater.

A little more than the amphitheater, you will see a Seljuk Selkir Turkish stone bridge from the Seljuk era, which is located on a river and is constructed to reduce the distance between the river and the Spendos Aspendos, and everyone will admire this 800-year-old building. They do.

In the vicinity of Spandos, Aspendos has no hotels or restaurants, and only you can arrive at the same entrances on the way to the same amphitheater. There is a Turkish garlic called gözleme and ayran local dough and is available to tourists.

In the middle of summer days here is full of foreign tourists, which is the best time to visit this time. We advise you not to come here too early in the morning or at night.

Among the events that will be held here is the Opera Festival and the Aspendos Opera & Ballet Festival, which will take place in September and is one of the best ceremonies in Turkey.


Turkey - Antalya

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