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Hadrian's Gate is a beautiful and well-known monument built in the Kaleici district of Kaleiçi, and is also known as the Triple Gate gate. The first name of this gate dates back to the ancient city's history, when the ancient Roman emperor Hadrian visited the city in the 2nd century AD, and the second is due to its appearance, which is made up of three arches. The Hadrian's Gate's gate has been included in the walls of the city and became one of the city's largest gates.

Interesting stories are said about this gate; one of them is the Queen of Sheba Queen, when she wants to visit king Solomon's king, has crossed this gate and then rested in aspendos Aspendos. Although there is no evidence of the truth of this story, but with the assumption of being real, it should not be forgotten that the time of this meeting dates back to the 10th century before the gate was built, eventually this hypothesis is completely rejected.

Two towers are located next to Hadrian's Gate, which belong to different historical periods. The South Tower (which is located to the left of the Atatürk Boulevard Boulevard) has survived since the Roman era, the difference in the architecture of the tower has led to the emergence of a theory that is likely to be built independently of the gate. It is also known as the tower of Julia Sancta Tower, and its historical origin has been proven from stone inscriptions. The north tower (right) was rebuilt during the reign of the Seljuq sultan Alaeddin Keykbat I in the first half of the 13th century. Only the lower part of the tower has been preserved since ancient Roman times. There is a inscription on this tower in ancient Turkish, but written in Arabic script.

Hadrian's Gate's gate was discovered in 1817, when Francis Beaufort published his travel memoirs to the southern shores of Asia Minor, discovered for the Western world. He also described the upper levels of the gate, but these seem to have disappeared in the 19th century, because other European visitors such as Charles Texier and Lanckoronski were not able to accurately describe their appearance.

The Hadrian's Gate Hadrian's Gate is somewhat similar to the Roman Noses, which consists of three racks of the same size each with a width of 4.15 meters and a height of 6.18 meters. The height of the entire building is from the lower part of it - the deck of the street to the highest point of the crotones is 8 meters. Both the front and rear of the building have been beautifully crafted, with 4 beautiful columns built on each side. The genus of these pillars (excluding the granite storage part) is white marble


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