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1- How do I sign up and sign in?

Answer: All relevant users are placed on the profile page. You can click here to enter this page.

2. Why do I need an email to create an account?

Answer: One way we can communicate with you is by email. In the process of purchasing travel packages, travel tickets, purchase invoices and travel information are sent to your email. For better communication from Gmail servers, prepare email.

3. Why have not sent me an email yet, despite the correct posting on the site?

A: There is no error in sending us email. If you do not receive email again after more than 10 minutes, be sure to check the spam section in your email.


    Register and follow up the order

1- Can I register for other people with my own account?

Answer: Yes, you can book tickets for others with the identity information of people to issue tickets and insert them in each package. Upon completion of the Internet purchase process, people with your registered information can use flight services. It is noteworthy that the travel information on the inserted email will be sent to your profile.

2. Do I have to be a member on the site?
Answer: Yes, without entering the site, you can add a product to the basket or favorite tours, but for the next steps to buy and register the order must be logged in with your account or when you purchase, subscribe Complete yourself.
3. Can I register my order on the phone?
Answer: Yes, you can book up to 1 hour of your desired tour which you know about the conditions of your travel package via the Internet. Obviously, to pay for the package, you can contact us: visit the office of Shadan Gasht Arya, deposit a card to the card, or deposit to the account of the company. It is worth noting that the fastest way to buy and book orders is to buy Internet.

4- In the payment order step, a small amount was added to the purchase. What is the reason

Answer: In the purchase of electronic payment, the amount of 0.05% of the amount up to 2 thousand tomans is added as transaction cost to the order amount.

5. Is there a limited number of shopping trips?
Answer: Yes, the number of available travel packages will be placed next to it. It is noteworthy that the number of rooms in each room is different. For example, there may be a travel package with a two-ply room without an inventory, but in the same package of three-chamber rooms with 6 beds.

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