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The Chinese wall is the longest and largest engineering and defensive engineering structure in terms of construction time in the world. The wall extends over the geographical map of China at 7,000 kilometers and was registered in the World Heritage List in 1987.

The construction of the China Wall dates back to the fifth to eighth centuries BC. The Chinese government created a firewall for newsletters or border forts to prevent enemy attacks in the context of the wall and on the wall. During the rule of the spring and autumn dynasties and the warrior states, the war broke out between the Dukes and the countries used to construct a wall using the border mountains. By 221 BC, the emperor of China, Shi Hwan, after uniting China, dug the walls It was connected to the mountains as a large wall on the northern borders. He wanted to prevent the enemy's attacks on the northern pastures. Chinese historians believe that about 1 million soldiers were able to be stationed along the Chinese wall at the same time and ready for possible battles.

The wall that is visible today is the wall of the Ming Dynasty (1344-1684), leading from the west to the gate of Jiao Gwang in the province of Gansu, China, and eastward to the Yalou Jian coast in the northeastern province of Liaoning, and in the midst of There are 9 provinces, cities and autonomous districts with a length of 7300 km and people call it a long wall.

The wall of China was built as a defensive project on the mountains, passing pastures and slopes from the deserts. Workers, according to terrain, have a different structure to create a wall that shows the wisdom of the ancestors of China. The wall extends along the paths of upward and downward mountains. It is visible outside the wall of long cliffs. In fact, the mountains and walls are linked to each other, so the enemy was not in any way able to penetrate the wall. The wall of China is usually made up of large bricks and rectangular stone, and in the middle of it are ground and crushed stone, and its height is 10 meters. It is enough in width of the wall to cross four horses, and in a row its width is 4-5 meters in length. No transfer of grain and weapons. The inner side of the wall is a stone fence that is easy to move. At a specified distance, a wall platform or fire tower is made for news. The wall is a wall for storing arms and crops and resting soldiers and has been in the hide-and-seek war. When the enemy attacked, the fire towers were cleared and all over the country became aware of the attack. China's wall of resistance has now been lost as a military barrier. But its architectural beauty is spectacular. The beauty of China's wall is full of greatness and greatness. A lofty, rounded wall on the mountains looks like a moving dragon, and a magnificent scene has been created. Close by, gorgeous gates, walls, walls, observation towers, and fire towers are in harmony with earthly complications of artistic charm. China's wall has a historic and cultural significance and a spectacular value. The Chinese say that "one who has not climbed the wall of China is not a hero".


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