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The Iranian cinema museum is located in the Ferdows garden complex. Ferdows Gardens, a neighborhoods not far from Sar-e-Tadrish, on Valiasr Street, consider the cinema's mansion as belonging to the Qajar era.
At the Iranian Cinema Museum, you can visit cinematic photos, documents and equipment from cinematic characters such as dancers and filmmakers, as well as behind the scenes of large films, posters and other cinema-related stuff. The museum consists of several halls with holy defense, children and teenagers, dubbing and music and Armenians.

History of the Iranian Cinema Museum:

The idea of ​​creating a museum of Iranian cinema in 1373 with the support of engineer Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti during the presidency of the Center for the Development of Cultural Spaces of the Municipality of Tehran was presented and in 1998, at the ceremony, the first phase of the Iranian Cinema Museum on the Lalezar Street opened the alley of Pirnia. The publication of several books, a set of postcards, a collection of Iranian soundtracks, and the 100th anniversary celebrations of Iranian cinema, began the activities of the cinema museum.
Eventually, in 2001, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the Deputy Director of Cinema Affairs, the Cultural Heritage Organization, the Tehran Municipality and the Farabi Foundation, the Iranian Cinema Museum in the part of Ferdows Gardens, which before the Revolution of the Shiraz Art Festival and the Visual Arts Exhibition It was the venue for the music concert, and then in the years after the revolution, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance was founded by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the film industry, with the presence of President Seyyed Mohammad Khatami.

Features of the Iranian Museum of Cinema include:

Photos: Includes thousands of photos from scenes of cinematic films, behind the scene, filmmaking and cinematic activities, as well as artists and craft-related artists, the oldest of which dates back to the first days of the film screening in Iran.

Screenwriters: Includes 400 scripts made

Notifications: More than 2,500 cinema announcements have been collected since the 1310s and some of them have been featured.

International and domestic awards: Part of the international awards and honors of Iranian cinema, which belongs mainly to the Islamic Republic of Iran, has been gathered and completed in the museum.

Books: Includes cinematic books from the first prints so far reaching about 8,000 volumes.

Documents: About 3,000 pieces of document, including government documents, exhibits, contracts, historical documents, property documents, cinemas and ... have been available since about 90 years ago.

Film and Video: 1000 Iranian movies with 500 shortcode titles (Anews) constitute the current archive of the museum.

Press: Includes 5000 publications, the oldest of which is 1309.

Cinematographer: About 300 devices and tools, which are mostly very precious and visible in the museum, the oldest of which belonged to 1309 and often made by Iranian craftsmen, was at the same time a surprise to foreign fans.

Clothing, Decor and Makeup: Includes historical costumes, decorations, scenes and faces that have been a great effort to collect them.

The museum's halls include 7 halls, entering the garden garden through the beautiful steps of the Ferdos Garden can be accessed in the museum halls. On the upper floor there are 3 halls, and 4 more rooms can be visited from the inside of the third floor of the cinema by spiral steps.


Tehran, Valiasr valley, not reaching Tajrish bridge, Ferdows garden

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