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Anzali Lagoon is located about 40 km north of Rasht and southwest of Bandar Anzali and the Caspian Sea. The Anzali International Wetland is a place for spawning, sheltering and nesting. There are beautiful islands within the lagoon, and there are two beautiful cities of Antarctica and the waterfall on its shore. The magnitude of this wetland is expected to reach about 120 square kilometers in winter and spring, and will decrease to about 80 kilometers in summer and autumn. Anzali Lagoon is one of the most interesting and largest natural habitats of Iranian herbivores. Due to its impressive beauty, it can be attracted by many tourists as a natural aquatic ecosystem.
Anzali lagoon with more than 100 bird species, 50 species of fish, hundreds of plant species has a very small ecosystem, which is protected especially in the protected area of ​​Sarkhankul. Anzali lagoon has been protected from international wetlands since 1974 and is the most important source of stony and bony fish production in the Caspian Sea. The international wetland Anzali has been attracting innumerable domestic travelers and foreign tourists every year.
The Anzali wetland is supported by a shipping channel, which is supported by two Anzali breakwaters located at the Anzali harbor facility and connected to the Caspian Sea. Anzali lagoon was registered in the International Convention on Wetlands of Ramsar in 1354, and the Anzali Wetland with the Khashiro Wetland in the National Park of Kashir Shitsugn has a "sisterhood" link.

Anzali wetland is one of the natural and freshwater wetlands of the country and has 11 main rivers and 30 sub-rivers that enter it after irrigation of farms and rice fields with surface currents in the wetland. The maximum depth of the wetland water is 2.5 m in the spring and in the western part of the wetland, which varies due to sea level fluctuations in the Caspian Sea. The catchment area of ​​the Anzali wetland has an area of ​​374 thousand hectares, which consists of the following areas:
53.9 percent of forests and rangelands, 33.2 percent of agricultural land, 7.8 percent of wetlands, waterfalls and pools, and 3.7 percent of human areas make land use.

Geographical location of Bandar Anzali Lagoon:
This wetland is located in the southwest of the Caspian Sea coast in Guilan province, at 28-37 North and 25- 49 East, and from north to Anzali, from the south to the city of Monastery Sarah, from the east to Piribazar and from the west to the Carpool And Anzali's waterfall is limited.

Anzali wetland climate:
The atmospheric profile of the Anzali wetland is similar to Anzali and Ghazi, except that the moisture content of the wetland is greater than the adjoining areas. The atmospheric coordinates of this area are characterized by the maximum annual rainfall in winter and the maximum moisture content in the summer. Minimum temperatures in the winter are near or equal to zero degrees Celsius, and rarely below zero, and at most between 33 and 36 degrees Celsius in mid-summer from local meteorological stations.


Bandar Anzali, Bandar Anzali Lagoon

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