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Paraw Mountains in the north east of Kermanshah, about 80 km long and 880 km2, is part of the Zagros mountain range in western Iran. Paraw Peak with a height of 3405 meters above sea level is the highest peak of this mountain, and also the highest point of Kermanshah province and one of 1515 most prominent peaks of the world located in the northeast of Kermanshah city. The mountains of this area have one of the deepest layers of the Lime Stone, and there are many gaps in alpine ore-bearing pressures, which is why the deepest caves in Iran such as Pravo Caves, Jijar and Qala Cave wells are located on this mountain.

Pravo cave is the name of a cave in the mountain of Pravo, located 12 km northeast of Kermanshah, between Taḵ Bostan Mountain and Mount Bisotun. This cave is located south of a region called Pravo Square, 300 meters below the Sheikh Ali Khan peak or Pravo Peak. Provow in the local language means full of water.

The Pravo cave was discovered 40 years ago. It was then the largest vertical cave in the world, and has therefore dubbed the Everest caves in the world. The Pravo Cave is the second national natural effect of Kermanshah, which was registered by the Iranian Environmental Protection Agency in 2009.

Many deep caves are now found in the world, which are much deeper than the Pravo cave. The Parwian Cave is ranked 212 in the list of the world's deepest caves. One of the unique features of the Provo cave is its crater, located at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level. This height is the highest level among all the caves in the world.

The Perav Cave is one of the world's top vertical caves, and one of its unique features is the cave span at an altitude of 3050 meters above sea level, the highest level among all the caves in the world, hence the Everest caves in the world.

This cave with a D5 ruggedness is one of the world's most difficult caves for caving. Some of the researchers cave this cave as the most difficult cave in terms of navigation. In 2009, the Pravo cave was registered by the Iranian Environmental Protection Agency as a natural-national act. The first caverns' foundation in the United Kingdom is the Pravo International Foundation, which was named by David Judson in 1974 after returning from the exploration of Peru.

Mirabs and Springs

1-Mirabeh Bistoon: This mirage is located 30 km northeast of Kermanshah, on the slopes of Mount Bisotun. Existence of beautiful nature, plantain trees, and unique monuments around the mirage make it one of Iran's most beautiful and beautiful mirages.

2-Mira Brenay: Mirab Brenay is located on the slopes of Bisotun Mountains in the range of the Provo Mountains and Bisotun Protected Area. The mirage of "Brennage" has been recorded as one of the seven natural works of the province of Kermanshah as a natural work on the National Heritage List.

3- Najwabr Sarab: The south is limited to the mountains of Perav, Vedereh Gol Dareh and southwest to the Syaraw Valley. The mirage of Najvran is one of the most beautiful natural mirages in Kermanshah province due to the natural attractions of the province of Kermanshah. It attracts countless tourists every year from Across the country. [28] The territory of this natural mirage is a habitat for rare species of plants and animals.



6. Rhine Daisy Rey: Located between the famous doors of Dais Ray and on the way to Clay Pravo.

7. Fountain of Gardens: On the way to climb to the summit.

8. Puneh Cheshme (Kanei Ponlet): Located on the way to the summit.

9. Kani Spit: On the path of the grottoe and narrow rivassa and climbing to the cobbled peak and the peak of Shaudalan.

10-Siroula Spring

11-Kani Khor Khvh


12 km northeast of Kermanshah

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