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The GNU protected area is located in Hormozgan province. The protected area is located 29 km northwest of Bandar Abbas. This mountain has a relatively moderate climate compared with the hot weather of Bandar Abbas, and it is of particular importance in this regard. Its vegetation is very interesting and interesting, so that the Hormozgan Environment Bureau has protected and controlled the entire vegetation of the area to protect and protect them.
The vegetation diversity of this mountain ranges from mountain range to mountain peaks, including tropical trees, desert steppes, mountainous steppes and plant species of cold regions. On the slopes of the mountains, scattered shrubs have grown at first, there are species of grasses, gonads and monogerous trees (Mongolian) among them. Above the range, the type of plants changes, so that at altitudes of 1800 meters almonds form the dominant species, while the other species are observed at a height of 2300 meters. Due to lower temperatures, cold crops such as pine, cedar, wild olives and wild shamshad are massive. The hordes of these trees in Hormozgan province are astonishing. The trees of this area are burned at a time by the lightning. Other plants of the GNU Heights are a variety of medicinal plants that are considered by researchers and researchers.

The GNU Mountains are one of the most interesting examples of the Zagros Mountains. This mountain is located in the southeast of Zagros. The GNU Mountains are 3267 m high, Mount Sierra is 2972 ​​m, Mount 2731 m high, Mount Nyan 2642 m, Mount 2437 m, is the 6th highest mountain in Hormozgan province. GNU is located in the northwest of Bandar Abbas city, and the main road of Bandar Abbas runs to Sirjan from the east and the Bandar Abbas road to Bandera Lengeh from the south. The GNU Mountains, with dimensions of 34 kilometers long and 5 to 15 kilometers wide, cover an area of ​​350 square kilometers.
How To Get To The GNU Summit
Southern Front: Through Bandar Abbas Road to Bandung Lenghe (Isin, Tazian Village) and Mount Road Road (32 Km) - GNU Frontier Checkpoint - Chamba Rammer - Cheshme Sarchar - Nasiri Station

South Front: Through the Bandar Abbas Road to Linghe Port (Isin, Tazian Village) and the mountain road of the station

Television (32 Kilometers) - Central Outdoor Center (located at the beginning of the station road) - Wooden Hangers - Tang Siah - Tang Siah Valley - Parcoe Spring - Rock - Nasir Peak

South Front: Through the Bandar Abbas Road to Linghe Port (Isin, Tazian Village) and the mountain road of the station

Television (32 Kilometers) - Amphitheater Bany (located at the beginning of the station road) - Wooden Walls - Black Sea Mile - Black Tang Valley - Parque Fountain - Climbing the South Front of Qalat Peak Peak - Crossing the Central Ridge - Nasiri Peak

Eastern Front (Yal-e-Pak): 25 km from Bandar Abbas to Sirjan - Guinea's Hot Spring - Anaron Fountain - Kahnouj Cave - High Kahnouj Village - Serguton Peak - Asphalt Road - Television Station - In the direction of the West of the Peaks - Two Brands - Yellow Prison - Qalat Nasiri

Northeast Frontier (Tang-e Bagh): Within 30 km of Bandar Abbas to Sirjan - 12 km of road to the west - Tang-Bagh village - High Kahnoj village - Serguton peak - Asphalt road of the station - In the direction of the west of the peaks of the two-ears - Zard Prison - Qalat Nasiri

Western Front (Salukh): Via Bandar Abbas to Bandar Lengeh (Isin village, Tazian) - Qalat High Village - Parallel to the train rail - Selko Village - Sakhlouh Fountain - Climbing the Western Riverside (Chalwi: Zalaru, Qalat Sarpowan, Qalat Nasiri)

The famous region is Golad Nassiri: 2349 m, 1546 m stairs, 2154 m high Qalat, 2,283 m, 2233 m, 2309 m yellow prison, 2330 m satellite and 2230 m, Sargoton 2254 m, Kahnouj 1813 m, Three red 1122 m. Gudboni is 1895 meters

Biological centers around and within the GNU protected area
The southern slopes: Isin villages, Hermodarazin, Patel Isin, In the Buvan, Convergence, The Lazian High, The Lazyan Low Boyaband Pasang, Patel Bounband, The Ragh, The Bounband, The Pasta Mola, Pukem, In Sosong, Chahno, Mogh Kamal, Dormagh, Qalat High, Qalat Down, Canaro, Lavar Mishu, Paband, Rammer, Parquo, Gulco, Huber, Chahu ...

Western Domain: Tikeh Villages, Sakluh

Eastern slopes: Tula villages, Dezak, Geno (spa), Anaron

North Range: Finns, Siaho, Sarzai, Rezvan, Tang-e Bazar, Kahnouj, Patrons, Busang, Junangan Harbor, Geno Round, Kelmo, Homerarg, Hermudrageno

Vegetation and vegetation
The GNU Flora exceeds 360 species of vascular plants, some of which are ferns and birds, and most of them are flowering plants. As is common in arid and desert regions, two groups of bushes, shrubs and short-lived one-year-old plants have the most variety. Because of the intersection of the GNU Mountains between the two main zones (the vegetation of Sohar Sindhi and Irano Turanian) and because of the rapid elevation changes from the sea level, which reaches more than 2300 meters, and the formation of different micro-climes in the geographical directions of the valleys and slopes, Plant geography has been characterized by considerable diversity and diversity.

GNU seedlings: Peppermint, Fern fennel, Bullfish, Cumin, Thyme yarrow, Pune, Butterfly, Overs, Mine, Mustard, Pearl, Acacia, Natark, Bennet, Almond, Rozok and ...

Iran's monopoly plants found in GNU: Almond and Sandwich, Rocky primrose, Mehrkhosh

GNU springs
The GNU mineral spring is located 34 km northeast of Bandar Abbas city in the central part of Bandar Abbas city and one of the landmarks of Hormozgan province in the south.Iran. This mineral spring is located at the edge of Bandar Abbas road to Sirjan. The fountain is located in a valley that uses the GNU Mountain and its hard limestone heights in the north and south. It is used for sprinkling and sunbathing purposes. The GNU Springs is considered to be very hot sulfur, chlorine and sulfate, sulfuric calcium. This spring has two relatively large male and female pools equipped with facilities such as several small porches for rest and residence of travelers, the place of sale of beer, etc. . The area around the fountain is full of beautiful and green palm trees. The effluent of this fountain flowing down from the pools, like a small river, after a few kilometers with relatively large water, falls into a small waterfall.


29 km northwest of Bandar Abbas

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