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Kariz or Kahriz is a Persian word meaning Qannat. Qanat, or Karz, has been the invention of Iranians, and is ancient in ancient civilization, and despite its great old age and the growth of modern technologies, it is still vital to people and their lives in many warm and dry areas of this land. Caries usually start at the heights of the mother's well or the mother of the mother, and ultimately the manifestation of the caries where the water comes out of the soil. They end up. Karez dug in Kish Island, which has no significant difference in height, and the collection of surface water and its guidance has shown the creativity of the Persians in the old days.

Kariz Kish is an ancient aqueduct dating back to about two thousand years and probably was built during the Parthians and is 15 km long. This aqueduct is considered as one of the main sources of drinking water in the region. The aqueduct is quite clear and sweet. The reason is the lack of water, its passage through various layers of sediment and water purifying corals, and the reason for its sweetness is that its source is rain water. The people of the island used this water to drink and irrigate farms, and part of it was sold to ships of other Gulf coastlines, such as Dubai, Oman and Sharjah.

It has 274 wells, of which 74 are currently used in the underground city of Kariz. Some of these wells remain intact and some have been cone-shaped for better ventilation of air and exposure.

The average depth of the caries is 12 meters and in some places it reaches up to 16 meters. It is an average of 8 meters above sea level. The people of the region could take each well using dalv and water rope, although the best way to harvest water was through the river. Next to the entrance to the museum, one of the oldest Kish followers is about 800 years old. It has a shape like a water storage staircase that came down from the ground with a drop of water from the caries.

The effect of lava water fossils with a maximum of about 570 million years ago is seen in this caries, which dates back to the time when this part was part of the sea bed.

The operation of the underground city of Kariz started in September 1999 with the help of Haji Hosseini and the village of Kariz. The existing channels, which were only the waterway, were expanded and excavated by manpower and by hand, and the current underground city is about 15,000 square meters, built on an old aqueduct. The underground city of Kariz has three phases. The Phase is a traditional restaurant suite. The second phase of the project, which is under construction, will be a series of approximately 700 meters long, designed for the same boat as Alisadr Cave in Hamadan. It is expected that this phase will be operational in 2011. The Phase 3 is the number of Kariz Museum.

In the section, the coral stone is made using the coral stones of the ship's nose, which is also reflected in the water. There are trees in the name of the local Garon-zangi, which is similar to a walnut tree or a small mungbean with many cores, the fruit is nourishing. Eucalyptus tree is also in this area. In one of the corridors, the fossil effect of a turtle with an age of about 570 million years is seen on the ceiling.

The flow of water in the caries is so low that you feel the water stays, but in reality there is a very calm flow. Water is a well-drilled mother who starts from the old Siffin on the Arab market and has another branch coming from the village of BAGHU and from the southwest and the Greek ship, and along with the third line from the current Maryam market Comes in the Kariz collection and go to the city of Harirat, which is the manifestation of the Qanat well in the ancient city of Hariri. Now in the water of kariz, there are some black-and-white fish called Gambozia, which have not existed in the past and have been siphoned by the caries authorities. These fish have the ability to survive in freshwater, they are nursery and feed on insect larvae.

The temperature inside the caries tunnels is between 22 ° C and 25 ° C, and the humidity is increased in the summer months and sultry seasons.


Kish, Mir Mahana Blvd, after the Olympic square, Kariz

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