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Haryjan valley

The village of Harijan is from the district of Kelardasht, Chalous in Mazandaran province.

Harjan is located 10 km from the Chalus Road in one of the subways leading to the road. The Chalus road is familiar to all and its beautiful nature has been seen by most people, but few are seen to have seen a bit beyond the neighborhoods of the Chalus Road. Harijan is a very neat and beautiful example of these areas. Harijan is protected by its unspoilt and unique nature and diversity, and is protected by the environment. Harjid Waterfall has multiplied the beauty of the area. Waterfall Harijan Mazandaran

The village of Harijan has had a large population due to the weather conditions and because of the prevalence of urbanization, only a handful of old families are currently residing in this village, and most of the village houses have been demolished due to their lack of residence. The people who moved from the village to the countryside are more likely to visit the village than the relatives, sometimes to diversify and spend their holidays in the village.

There are many grasslands around the village. In the village there is an Imamzadeh called Prince Mahmud (AS), where the dome of Imam Zadeh is seen as far away as entering the village, and thousands of people visit the village annually for the pilgrimage of the Imam. Harrygan is a transformed form of Harigan. Harigan consists of two parts of Harry meaning Aryans and Gans, meaning the Land, meaning the whole Aryan land.

Harijan Waterfall

Harijan Waterfall
In the west of the village of Harijan, there is a beautiful cascade of the same name. To see the waterfall, it should pass through the road that enters the village and is a dirt road, about 400 meters of the road right on the left side of the road is a subway that is the same as the cascade and about a quarter of a walk. The shortest crown of the cascade is 9 meters high, to see it should be about half an hour walk. Of course, I'd say climbing because it is a rocky path. The waterfall is slightly sloping. There are, of course, rocky areas and many grasslands for rest. The amount of water in the hot season is less than the cold season, due to the warming of the air and the decrease in rainfall..

Forbidden territory Harijan

Harijan is a protected logic in Iran because of the rich variety of plant and animal species, such as whole and goat, bear, taihu and quebec, and ........ Environmental permits are required to climb heights of the waterfall. In addition to having a permit to enter this area, you need to be very cautious because it is a forest area and there are many savage beasts living there and you need to be in good working order with the environment. Animal hunting, livestock grazing and planting are prohibited in this area, and it is accompanied by a severe environmental impact. There are many herbaceous species in this area that may be unimportant to viewers and look only beautifully, but this may be just the specifics of this region and there is no place in the world and there is a need for conservation and It has maintenance.


 جاده هریجان

Best time to see Harjid Waterfall

Harijan also has a different effect in most regions of Iran in May, this area is located in the central Alborz. The variety of plant species in this area is very high and the plants are short lived and not many years old. In May, the area is painted with colorful plant species, making the eye stare at every visitor. In addition to May, June and summer, it is also beautiful and weather conditions are good.

Of course, this area has its own special beauty season every season, and it is stunning for tourists and is new. In each season of the year you travel to this area, care should be taken to fall from the top of the waterfall and deal with wildlife.



Access to Harjid Waterfall

With the efforts of the Haj Azim Mirdar-Sultani and the pursuit of engineer Aqabozorg Mirdar-Sultani and the assistance that the people of the region have gathered for road and road pavement, it is optimistic that the road would be better off. This region and similar areas due to the loss of tourists, especially foreign tourists, need to be introduced further.

The other beautiful places in northern Iran are the Village of Javaherdeh.


مازندران - چالوس روستای هریجان، نزدیک گردنه هزارچم

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