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Yazd fire temple

The Yazd fire temple is located in the center of Yazd province and is a site for the maintenance of Zoroastrian sacred fire. This fire temple belongs to the Zoroastrian era, it was worshiped for many years. The fire of this fire is 1500 years old.

The construction of this fire was built during the first Pahlavi. This mansion, which is one of the architectural works of contemporary Yazd era, was built by the Persian and Hindi Zoroastrians Yazdi in 1313, under the direction of "Arbab Jamshid Amanat".

In front of this building there is a water pond, which brings with it the beautiful figures of Forouhar and stone pillars. At that time it was customary to keep fire temples off the water. The fire inside the fire temple, far from the sun, is located above the surface of the earth, and in the vicinity there are rooms designed for the ceremony.


Temple of Bahram Yazd

The main building of the fire temple is located at an altitude of 21 meters from the ground and in a large courtyard covered with a lot of lush green trees.
Flower gems are at the foot of the walls and stone walls opposite the hall of the main arts center of Isfahan artists. These rocks were shaved and then they were taken to Yazd. On top of the curtain wall, there are tiles that are made by the artists of Yazd Kashik.

The architecture of the fire temple of Bahram is built in the form of the architecture of the Corps of Fire Corps.


Fire temple of Yazdan

It has always been necessary to enter this sanctuary. Like the masculine dress and men's clothing, men wearing a white hat should wear white and white dress and do not wear shoes. The sacred fire is in the large bronze statue. At that time, a person called the Hirbad had the duty to keep fire alive.


Yazd fire temple

 The history of the fire of Yazd's fire temple dates back to 1515, and this fire has remained clear throughout these years. The fire of a fire temple is a fire from Karyan fire temple in Larestan, which was brought to the city of Aghdas of Yazd, and was kept there for about 700 years, and then it was taken from Aqda to Ardakan in 522, and in Ardakan for about 300 years, and finally in the city of Yazd.

In 852, Ardakan was taken to Yazd. Originally in a region called Khalaf Khan Ali, one of the mobs was kept there, called "Mordad Azar Gheshsab". In 1313, the fire temple was built and a sacred fire entered it. Firefighters can see this blazing fire from behind the glass wall.


Temple of Bahram in Yazd

The foundation stone of the Vorhemhram Yazd fire in November 1313 was set up by the owners of Pars of Akbar, the country of India, over 6881 square meters of land donated. During the Sassanid period, there were three magnificent fires from their age and more, and they called them "Fire of Terror" - "victory fire". One of them was "Azafarrnbagh", which is located in Karyan-Fars (karyan fire temple).


Another Yazd tourist site is the Lari House.


Yazd city, Ayatollah Kashani avenue, fire temple alley

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