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Greek ship in Kish

If you leave the crowd to Kish, I suggest you also visit the Greek godfather.

There are a lot of ships that can travel without fear of any storm, each of which is a story, while the Greek ship also has a listening story ... a trip to this massive ship.

The Greek ship is one of the most iconic icons in the island of Kish, and while Kish is the most expensive free zone in terms of the arrival of tourism, it is costly to maintain and maintain the Greek ship, according to the managing director of the Kish Island Organization.

The Greek ship, quoted by the natives of the island, was driven by drunken captains, so he left his main course and deviated toward the island of Kish, where he found himself near the mud near the coast. Due to the fact that the ship was on the Greek route, it was famous for the Greek ship from the very beginning, and now it is one of the most attractive attractions of the Gulf coast.


Inside Greek Kish

The construction of this seventeen-ton vessel, which is about 140 meters in length, was reported by William Hamilton in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1322, and returned to Iran on a visit to Greece on May 4, 1954, during a navy trip to Greece at latitude 26 And 20 degrees north and longitude 53 and 54 degrees east.

After the Orinoco's eightteenth attempt, the Dutch gearbox did not succeed in pushing the ship out. Many attempts have been made to bring it out, none of which was successful, and its shipwrecked shipwrecked, since it was not costly to take out the ship out of time and cost.


Greek Ship in Kish

The cause for the Greek ship to board

  According to information from the London Lloyds Insurance Company, the ship was Greek-owned by the time of its inauguration in the name of Kulaf. The lack of lighthouses and the lack of lighthouses on the island's shores caused the ship to sail.


Fire the Greek ship

  According to the island's inhabitants, the Greeks have set fire to the island's island when the non-steel element remains in the body and deck of the island. It is believed that this is true.

Broken body of the Kish ship

Greek ship on the island of Kish

What matters to the worn ship is its position at sunset in the west of the island. From the spectacular and spectacular scenery of the sunset kish on the island's shores. Sparkle of sunlight rays on the sky The yellow, red, orange, and orange shades and bright shades of smears create a fantastic, fantastic picture behind the Greek ship, which is less likely to be seen.

That's why every day travelers and enthusiasts go to their place with their cameras and watch and take a look at this wonderful scene. The longest photograph of the Greek ship was included. There are also pictures of the Greek ship that had not been seen before.


Portuguese ship in Kish

The ship belonged to Sirous Fars Company one year ago before it was seated in 1338 and it was in Iran's waterways. The Greek ship is historically old and worthless, but over time, the ship has been exhausted. The bottom of the ship, which is in the water, is rotten by the impact of sea waves, and it is possible to fall down at any moment.

Watching the sunset slowly in the glacial waters of the Persian Gulf behind the Greek ship is an unforgettable and beautiful memory. The sparkle of the last rays of sunlight on the shores of the sky, a range of yellow, red, orange, and shades of light and cloudy spots create a beautiful and dreamy picture behind the Greek ship, which is less like it.


Greek ship sights

Coastal parks are being built in an area of ​​60,000 square meters, with amenities such as amphitheater, cafeteria, Iranian and Lebanese restaurants, refreshment booths, skating rides, bicycles, and sports products around the Greek ship.


Beautiful view of the Greek ship

When the sun is set to drown, all the dust is drowned
The Greek beauty of the coastline of Kish Island is a great gift for the beautiful island of Kish Island. The Greek castle is a great subject for photographers coming to this island from here. If you are interested in photography, I suggest that you take a stroll along the beautiful beach of Kish.


Hormozgan, Kish, West Coast of Kish Island, Jahan street

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