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History of the village of Javaherdeh

Seyyed Zahiruddin Marashi in his historical book Guilan and Dilmastan has stated that in the ninth century AH the name of this village has been Georda but, according to the experts, the word Gehrada has nothing to do with the name of the village, and the word dreams means the village and Georadeh The meaning of the village is high and this does not represent the name of the village.

The number of villages in Gilan, the names of which are derived from Syria and Geor, is not low, and this is proof by the experts. Some believe that since the village has been the source of gold in the past, its name is Jewel. Another belief is that because the village was covered with wheat fields, this name was chosen for it, and it was first used as a Javadhar , which means Javad in Avesta means wheat.

Javaherdeh Tourist Attractions

Javaherdeh Ramsar

Some also considered the rule of a courageous woman named Javaher in this village as the reason for the name of the village. Javaherdeh village has 12 districts, which is the largest and most densely populated region of Juakhil.

The names of other areas are Seyyed Mahaleh, Kohne Tangdareh, Amoshi Khil, Seyghal  Mahaleh , Chak Dasht, Oshian Head, Sarab, Ramek Neighborhoods, Shell Neighborhoods, Neighborhood Shear, Tangdae and Photocopier. Juhanhada drinking water is currently supplied from several springs around and inside the village, such as Solomon and Shear and Mount Kane.

The water of these springs was led by benevolent people to the village in the past. The people of this village, like most other villages, are livestock, agriculture and horticulture. Among its handicrafts, it can be mentioned as fading, pottery, forging and masking. The village is connected with mountains in three directions.

Currently, the only route is the route that goes to Ramsay, but it is also connected to the Qazvin mountain road.


Attractions in the village of Javaherdeh

This old and beautiful village has many tourist attractions, including the Red Tale Mountains, three parade floors, beautiful and healing springs, the shrine of Yahya Kaya and the presence of permanent glaciers.

Adineh Mosque

Among the monuments of this village is Javaherdeh mosque Adineh, which at the time Zoroastrians was a fire temple and later used as a place of worship. Graves are also seen in this mosque. According to archaeological excavations, the mosque dates back to the age of 700, built by one of the elders of Javaherdeh, Shell Sharif, a descendant of the Shekhel Aghakhani family, or Pour Mansouri.

It is believed that the mosque is a period of mithapristy. In this mosque there was a lot of ash-tree trees that, in recent years, caused a fire due to lightning strikes, and damaged the mosque building. In the past, girls' flower gardens and other celebrations have also been held in the mosque.
The area has high mountains of beauty, including the Red Trap, which is located in the eastern part of Samuas, and the Ažek, the three parade that the Red Trap is all the higher. Famous and therapeutic springs of Lappaser are also located in this area.

Other natural attractions of this area include high-flowing village swamps, beautiful waterfalls, forest park, carbonated water, rocky cradle, stacked silk, whiskey, natural natural springs. Safarood River is another attraction of the region that originates from the Samamos Mountains in the southwest of Ramsar.


Tourist Attractions Javaherdeh


Javaherdeh Access path

One of the good and very interesting offers for tourism in Iran is Javaherdeh village , which has a lot of virgin and untouched nature with many tourist attractions. To go and the address to Javaherdeh, we should start with the arrival of Mazandaran west of Ramsar and move 15 km south of Ramsar to the road with a steep slope and the valley and river Safarood around it to the village that we are approaching.

Road It is mountainous and the vegetation cover changes. The distance from Javaherde to Ramsar is about 30 km. It can be traversed by car for about 1 hour without any traffic jams, and enjoyed a green route on the road from Javaherdeh.

Tourist Attractions Javaherdeh



Javaherdeh Nature

The village of Javaherdeh, due to its geographical location, is far from the natural attractions and beautiful fountains and historic sites that have been welcomed by foreign and foreign tourists for only four months, especially in summer, which is less for foreign tourists. Has been introduced.

The village is almost uninhabitable in the winter, due to heavy rainfall and severe cold, it can only be inhabited for four months and in other months only a few guardians and caretakers live there. In most months the weather is cool and, of course, cooler


From the village that we are going around, the type of cover from the forest to the lawn and bush is changing because the village of Javaherdeh is located on the slopes of the Samamus Mountains and its vegetation is different from the mountainous areas.

The historic region of Javaherdeh is a forest region with lush and lush trees, the village runs from three sides to the mountains, which in turn is influenced by the type of climate and vegetation, and the historical and historical vegetation. And the pristineness of the area has caused the village of Javaherdeh Negin to be named Alborz.

To stay in Juhanhdah, rent a villa in Javaherdeh and Javaherdeh hotel to the North Hotels section of Iran. Javaherdeh Pictures were added to the attachment.
Javaherdeh + Map available below.


Mazandaran, Ramsar, 15 km south of Ramsar, near the village of Javaherdeh

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