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History of the Sefidchah cemetery

In Mazandaran, the city of Behshahr is located right in the heart of the middle part of the city, the small town of Mazandaran. The cemetery dates back to the Timurid era, a period in which Muslims settled in Iran and spread Islam.

The cemetery was the first cemetery of Muslims, and today they are buried in the cemetery. The village is known for its mysterious cemetery among the people of Behshahr and its surroundings, and there is no one in the area where the cemetery has been heard.

Mazandaran Sefhidchah cemetery


The soil of this village is white and people are persuaded that if they burrow their dead in this graveyard, the soil of this cemetery prevents the decay of the dead.

That's why the white village of the well and the entire village surrounding the white wells bring their dead people miles to the village for even burying their dead. For this reason, the cemetery of this village grows day by day, to the point where the houses and surrounding land have become cemeteries.

This cemetery is a part that is very old, in the sense of the historical part of the cemetery. In this part of the cemetery the gravestones are standing, each one being made like a plate to identify who was buried. Some here are the cemetery of the Jenn.


Descendants in the cemetery

In this cemetery, called the oldest graveyard of Iran, there are graves that three of the descendants of Imam Musa Ja'far (peace be upon him) named Ibrahim (AS), Mansour (as), and Abdul Rahman (AS) who escaped from oppression and the caliphs They took refuge in this village and buried in this cemetery.

There are wooden caskets in the tomb of the three people who are protected by the village because of their opinions and beliefs, and the identity of the box is not clear and has a spiritual value.


The way to the cemetery is white

To visit the mysterious cemetery in the Whitechach village, you must travel to Behshahr. After passing 20 km from Yanan forest, we reach the bottleneck, this path is paved with paved road and has a high-pitched road. After the bottleneck, you must leave the village of Niala, and then go to the white village of the well that is on the edge of the road.

If you do not have a personal vehicle and you want to visit the cemetery, you will not have a problem with the vehicle, because the whitewashing village is located on the edge of the road and is on the route of 30 other villages and can be reached with a small fare, which is an advantage for tourists. The account comes in.


Strange cemetery

In the white cemetery of the well there are some of the gravestones of the gravestones standing in the form of graves, such as the signboard, in which the name and reputation of the dead are recorded, in some of the rocks we see carvings that are related to the job Or professions of individuals, or even forms that are related to the personality or personality traits of individuals.
On some of the gravestones, animal roles can be seen like pigeons, foxes, rabbits and camels ... each symbolizing something and giving a meaning, for example, the pigeon is the symbol of courier, messenger and love, the fox symbol of the world The deceit and the deceit are open and there and the rabbit is a symbol of a person who does not understand intelligence and deceives the world and its appearances, and other animals, each of which expresses something, is undoubtedly a sign that the role of a camel is also seen among the graves.

It seems that the deceased was a caravan crossing the village, of course, this is not a solid idea about the camel, and it's more of a comment.
The role of flowers and plants is also seen on the tombstones, each of which symbolizes something. The most important plants in this cemetery are cypress trees. The cedar is of particular value to the Iranians and is a symbol of immortality and immortality, and this suggests that the Iranians at that time also believed that death was not the end of everything. Among the many flowers that can be seen, Niloofar is a symbol of purity and rebirth, which refers to the resurrection of the dead, and the pomegranate flower is a symbol of purity and desolation.
The roles of the tool and the type carved on the graves reflect the occupation and traits of people, such as a sword and a bow and a gun and a gun that depicts brave and brave people, scissors and knitting tools representing sewing jobs and The knives and the saw and the drill represent the carpentry business.

Mazandaran Sefhidchah cemetery

 Symbolic roles relate to roles that at that time make sense and are commonplace among the people, such as the role of the sun, which is a symbol of truth and ambition, and a mirror that is a symbol of self-knowledge and knowledge. The role of the shoulder on the grave of ladies and one-sided shoulder was carved on the gravestone of men. In the 13th and 14th centuries, Starbucks did not have much literacy until the spells of the graves of this era were spelled out.
Among the gravestones of the cemetery there are very few tombstones that are related to the Timurid or Safavid times. The appearance of these gravestones is so different from the rest and are very carved. These rocks are more yellow and have a thick appearance.

On these rocks, only the name and reputation of the deceased died, sometimes there are traditions, verses and traditions. These gravestones are like altar decorated with delicate, eye-catching lines and slammed wings on the edge of the tombstone.
Check the white track on the map.

Strange cemetery


Mazandaran -Galogah City- Sefidchah village

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