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Sadal Saltanah:

The caravanserai of Saad al-Saltanah was built in 1310 AH at the end of the reign of Naser-al-Din Shah Qajar under the orders of the Qazvin governor Mohammad Bagherkhan Saad al-Saltanah Esfahani, who built his nickname on this.

The construction of this inn was completed by the efforts of two architects Qazvini and two Isfahani architects in 1312. The Emirate, which until the Second World War was the city's commercial and trading center, but after the political changes in Russia, was no longer the Asia-Europe Trade Link bridge and the economic activity of the inn was more internal.

Tourists of Saadalsataneh Caravanserai 

This inn was registered on December 17, 1316 with the registration number 1021 below the Qazvin bazaar, after which it was registered on August 11, 1998 with the number 2089 separately, called the caravanserai, and then the bath to the courtyard of Sadiya on August 11, 2005 was registered with number 12598. This inn is known as Saray Saadat, Saray Sa'diyya, Sada-al-Saltanah market.


Sadal Saltan Architecture:

The caravanserai is built on an area of about 6.2 hectares and has 400 cellars and 5 yards. It is a historic collection due to the special architecture and the gathering of some very interesting and interesting historical works. The courtyards of this collection are:


Sadal Saltaneh's courtyard

The courtyard of Saadal Soltanne is the largest courtyard of the inn, which is about 3073 square meters and 1593 square meters of which is an empty space on the four sides of the courtyard. The main entrance of this courtyard is from Imam Khomeini Street. The chamber has been active until recently.

Some cellars were used as warehouses, and part of the caravanserai turned into a flour mill, a part of the raisin factory, and a part of the shoe manufacturing, carpet and woodworking factories, which became known as the wood market. .

The four most interesting and most valuable parts of the inn are dome-shaped spectacular and tiled in a very beautiful and artistic way. The roof of this dome is not illuminated, but around the dome there are four semi-domes that have lighters and tiles and Its beautiful and spectacular decorates the art of Iranian architecture.


Negar al-Saltaneh

The Negar al-Saltaneh courtyard, located on the western side of Sadal-Saltanah's courtyard, has an area of 1,492 square meters, which has two chambers and two large storage rooms. The warehouses are located next to the chambers and are constructed to have only one entryway designed to prevent such theft, which reflects the intelligence and the art of architecture, along with the beauty of the security.

After reconstruction and restoration, the courtyard became an environment for the gathering of artists from Qazvin.



This courtyard is linked to the south side of Saad al-Saltanah with a total area of ​​3195 square meters and 800 meters of courtyard, and 10 chamberlings and a bath of 49.99 in 26.36 meters. At the entrance to the bath on the north side of the courtyard. The interesting thing about this bathroom is its existence until 2006.

The bath is to be renovated and used as a museum, but there are also opinions that could be used as a water complex for women. The architecture of this bathroom is still eye-catching despite the destruction. In the north and south of Sa'dia is two vaults, which have been beautifully and beautifully tiled and brick.

On the north side of the courtyard there is a corridor whose roof is dome-shaped and decorated with bricks and tiles. This corridor ends on the main street or Rasht Street and you must cross the steps to enter the street. The entrance door of this metal gazebo is decorated with studs and is now closed and is interesting for tourists.

One of the courtyards of Sadal Saltaneh opens in this courtyard. Most of these cellars were in the hands of the Armenians and Sunnis.


Shotorkhan yard

The Shotorkhan courtyard is located on the south side of the inn, and there is a large space with about one hundred brick pillars, this courtyard has an independent route to the Sa'dia market to enter the livestock. The area of ​​this courtyard is 4,338 square meters and forms a courtyard of 1238 square meters.

The very beautiful pond is right in the middle of this courtyard, which, like most historic ponds, has been carefully decorated to attract the attention of the public, water has become an element and a symbol of purity for the Iranians, and most of the buildings have been tried to Dock and watermarks. The entrance door of this courtyard is located opposite the north wall of the al-Nabi mosque.
In the east of this courtyard, a courtyard courtyard with an area of ​​1860 square meters, which has formed about 706 meters in the courtyard.

This courtyard does not have a direct entrance door, and it is located around the courtyard of the chamber and there is a warehouse in the corner of the south-east courtyard, and it is interesting to note that this cellar has only one storage space and no convincing reason for it. This courtyard was in the past the Armenian company of Qazvin.


Order of the Minister

Another courtyard is Sadal Saltaneh. This highway leads to the main street, courtyard of the Negar al-Saltaneh courtyard, Qaysariya, and covers an area of ​​1,926 square meters. This order has 44 chambers and in the past it has been a spinning and weaving workshop and is currently being renovated. On the west side, there is a bath of Razavi, the same kind of bath that is in the shaft of the shah.

This bath runs from side to side, which is currently closed and its other entrance From Al-Nabi Mosque. It's not unpleasant to see this warmth because its architecture and interior decoration have been unique over the years. No caravan warehouses have a direct route to the outside due to theft prevention.
The address of Saad al-Saltaneh Caravanserai is in downtown Imam Khomeini Street, former street of Rasht.
Qazvin's caravanseravar plan was attached.


Sada al-Saltaneh Qazvin


Qazvin province, downtown, Imam Khomeini (former Rasht and Pahlavi)

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