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Daryasar Mazandaran Plain

Daryasar plain is a borderline between the greenery of Mazandaran and the mountains of the cold, a beautiful plain between the forest cover and snow cover and the glacier of Alamut, and as the plain between the four high mountains and south of Tonekabon is at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.

Mount Eulot is located in the southwest of the plain and runs from the west to the Sialan hill, the Kandigan mountain, Khashchal and east to Taleghan.

On a trip to Dariasar, you can visit other tourist attractions in the vicinity of the area, such as the Falkade Spa and the beautiful and famous beaches of the Caspian Sea. The spring of this area, known for its beauty in May, is a green, green area throughout the summer, and the vegetation cover, such as velvet carpets, with its breathtaking beauty, covers the entire plain.

The autumn is colorful in this plain and in the winter the plain is a white and snow-covered hand. The weather in this plain is very cold in the winter because of the great difference in altitude from the sea.

Dariasar Mazandaran Plain

Sights of Daryasar Plain

All areas of this plain have all the seasons of their special year, including a number of them:

Vegetation in the spring

In the spring of May this summer, the plain is covered with yellow flowers of chamomile. Chamomile yellow flowers, sometimes measuring 20 to 30 cm in size, stand out among grassy meadows, such as a beautiful painting that uses two colors of green and yellow.

This beauty is such that the plain of Dariasar is known as the Paradise of Ordibehesht Iran and attracts many tourists to the area every year. In addition to chamomile flowers, other flowers grow in this plain and have their own beauty, but the chamomile flowers are the dominant area of ​​the area, and they are more than the eyes of the tourists.



Autumn Dariasar Plain

The autumn season in this plaza sounds like a celebration of color and spreads across the plains of yellow, red, orange and green. Because this area has many trees, you will often see colorful leaves suspended in space. The seagrass season is very interesting in this area, and due to the heaviness of the trees, it is more attractive than other areas and is a good subject for photography. Everyone wants to see the area by seeing the photos.


Dense forests

It is a side of the forest plain, in which large trees are covered with massive cover. This forest is called as the forests of Dohezar and Tonekabon or Shahsavar among people. In addition to tall trees, in this forest, there are also fruit trees such as alder wood and forest plums. Forest trees with a special order attract the attention of every viewer to the architect of nature, a wonderful scene for stunning tourists.


Climbing mountains

On the other side there is the Dariasar Kouh Plain, the most famous of which is the Sialan Peak, which is 4,155 m, and where the glaciers are seen in most of the months of the year. Other mountains surrounded by the plain include the mountains "Tang Lat Khan Ban"," Siyah Kal", "Kal Tale".

The cold weather of the plain in the summer nights and the intensity of the cold in the winter and the severe precipitation of the area due to the presence of these mountains around the Dariasar Plain. Of course, the presence of mountains is partly due to the temperature of the region. The stability of these mountains, which is like a wall in the plain, is also interesting.



There are many springs in the Dariasar plain that boil from the ground. The number of these springs is not low, so that in spring, where water is relatively abundant, no land can be found in the plain, and the plain is covered with water that comes out of the springs, and this is an advantage to cover Herbal region is considered.



From the Dariasar Plain, a river passes through the river from the Sabalan heights, and after passing the distance to the Dariasar plain. This river has given a very special effect to the region and has increased the delicacy and beauty of the plain. The presence of the river in the plain is also one of the attractions of attracting tourists. Because tourists unconsciously catch water.


Access to Daryasar Plain of Tonekabon

To visit Daryasar plain you have to travel to Tonekabon in Mazandaran. After reaching Tonekabon, which is located west of Mazandaran, you should follow the road " Dohezar " to get to the two paths of Imamzadeh Qasim, just to the left of the road is a path to the valley. And it ends in the village of Honey, you will reach the plain to reach the village with about one and a half hours of birding and cross the plains and hills.


Daryasar champaign mazandaran


Mazandaran, Tonekabon, road "Dohezar" , end of "Sehezar", Dariasar Plain

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