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History of the Cantor Church

The Cantor Church is one of the attractions of the city of Qazvin and the smallest church in Iran, which you may have never heard of. The church is also called the bell tower. The construction time of this church is related to the Second World War and was designed and built by the Russians.


cantor church definition

The founder of Hussein Memar was the owner of the building, which later became known to Hussein Cantor. Cantor in Russian means a designated or centered term.


There are two tombstones in the church, one of which belongs to a Russian pilot, and another to a Russian engineer who has lost his life in Iran. The death date of Russian engineer was recorded in 1906. After the Russians left Iran, the church was empty and remained unused. Orthodox Christians are not residing in Iran, and this is why the building has no church use and is now preserved as a historic monument. Of course, within this beautiful church, there are several handcrafted jewelry shops.


Architecture and plan of the Cantor Church

In the Cantor Church, two rooms were built on both sides, one that was used to replace the priest's robe. The western entrance of the church is located at the entrance of the Cantor Church, and includes entrance with a sloping roof and entrance door. The cross is located below the dome of this church, which is the cross under the dome of the iconic Orthodox Christians, with a diagonal line drawn on it. The reason for this diagonal line on the cross is that the orthodox believed that, during the pacifism of Jesus (AS), in addition to the hands of Jesus (AS), his legs were crossed in an oblique manner to cause distress More to pull

Other Orthodox believers believe that this diagonal line is the course of human evolution, and is referred to as the symbol of heaven and hell.
In Qazvin, in addition to the church, there are also two other churches that are still active in which Christians and Armenians hold their ceremony and do not have the opportunity to visit them for other people. At the entrance of the church, after passing a small porch, which is half a meter above ground level, is arranged with wooden columns and the ceiling is at the entrance of the cavity with a crescent arched and opens from the west and into the main hall and two small rooms Connected to the north and south, each of these rooms has a horse window hinged window.
The Cantor Church; the bell tower has a small area with a quadrangular structure; it has two domes with a large dome in the center of the chapel and a smaller dome above the altar. The materials used in the construction of this magnificent building include brick and mortar, with bricks arranged in a clever and elegant manner. The Cantor Church has only one entrance and there are Russian crosses on either side of the church's walls.


cantor church qazvin

After we go inside the church and walk through the tranquil atmosphere of the tower, there is a jumper that has a height of 11 meters and has a certain grace and grace. The three-story bell is also located at the top of the entrance, ending with a small dome. In front of the church entrance to protect the wooden entrance door and the designs that surround the surrounding wall, a roof ceiling is embedded with wooden pillars. The magnificent columns are built in four corners of the outer walls of the church, which has doubled its splendor. The chapel and the bell tower have luminaires that make them more beautiful. The churchyard is covered with brick and there are gravestones in the courtyard, one of which belongs to a Russian soldier. It was created by red bricks, the church's exterior facade, which is executed by two rows of protruding bricks in the window section of the window. The bell tower is located on the western side of the church. A simple four-arched entrance to the entrance corridor has four horizontally-shaped window hinges, and a smaller octagonal structure has been designed and built on these four arches, which was once the place to play the bells.


The address of the Qazvin Cantor Church

From Qazvin Square, we go to Ayatollah Khamenei Boulevard. After 2.5 km in Valiasr crossing, we enter Khorramshahr Blvd to Shahed Street. After moving 400 meters, we go straight to Ayatollah Kashani Boulevard, then 250 meters to the right. After moving about 400 meters right after the Iranian insurance company, we go to Ayatollah Taleghani Street, after about 50 meters with a roundabout, we will enter the asset street, after about 150 meters of the Cantor Church on your left. has taken.


Another Qazvin churches are the Qazvin Assyrian Church.
To find accommodation in Qazvin, visit Qazvin hotels.


Cantor-Church view


Qazvin, Taleghani Ave, Daraye Ave, South Park of Fame (Laleha), Cantor Church

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