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Constitutional House History:

The Constitutional House is related to the Qajar era, which was designed and built in 1867 by Haj valley of the Tabriz designer. The first owner of this building is a person known as Hajj Mehdi Kozekanani known as Abu Al-Maleh, a well-known businessman and The supporters of freedom were the constitutionalists, after which Mohammad Ali Shah assembled the Majlis in order to support the constitutionalists.

The building was the site of the gathering of the most prominent constitutional faces in Azerbaijan, The following can be said: Sattar Khan, Bagherkhan, Tabrizi, And of course Haj Mirza Mehdi Kozekanani .

entrance of Tabriz Constitutional House

Muzaffar al-Din Shah, on August 14, 12th, 1906, signed the Constitutional Decree, which was signed by the Shah after the passing of the people of Mujafazadeh and two periods of emigration of the scholars to Qom and the shrine of Prince Abdul Azim. At that time, constitutionalists gathered in the houses of pro-Constitutional elders in different cities of Iran.

One of the centers of constitutional congresses was a house in Tabriz, which many years later became known as the memorial of the people and people such as Sattar Khan and Bagherkhan, known as the Constitutional House. It was also the site of the meetings of the Tabriz Association and the Mujahideen Command Center during the 11-month blockade of Tabriz, as well as the center for deciding to bring the flags of surrender to the Qajar king.

It should not be forgotten that the post-World War II constitutional building, and the exodus of Azerbaijan by the Soviet Union in about 1324 and 1325, also became the venue for the summit of the Democratic sect. It was registered at the moment of historical significance in 1354 AH in the Register No. 1171 in the national monuments list.

It was purchased by the Cultural Heritage Organization in 1367, and measures to restore and restore it after the purchase by the Cultural Heritage of the Face Architectural, historical, architectural and architectural models have been tried and tested.


Architecture of Constitutional House:

The area of ​​this beautiful and historic building is about 1300 square meters and has two floors, the materials used in it, like other Iranian monuments including stones and brick and clay. Hajj Valymar after years of living in Russia, which in the year 1247 has returned to Iran and has built this beautiful building in the style of Qajar era architecture.

The beautiful courtyard and the trees and gardens provide a beautiful collection. The first floor consists of 6 rooms and on the second floor there is a large hall with dimensions of 6 x 9 m and 6 rooms in the courtyard (inside the mansion where several rooms are available). One of the most beautiful parts of the house is the courtyard and the room facing the courtyard, located on the second floor and decorated with colored glass windows and its windows.

The lightning bay is located on 4 columns with beautifully decorated chests. Inside it is decorated with mirrors and colored glasses. The side chairs (earr) have a wooden ceiling with octagonal decorations, and wooden doors are decorated with striking designs of slalom, flowers and leaves.
Among the features of the architecture of the Qajar era, which is also very noticeable in this building are the unique decorations, luminaires and spells of vision known as "Crucifixion" (shrine decorative buildings with half the Iranian architecture and half European), pillars and columns with gypsum, carved doors and Arrangement windows, each of which in turn displays the taste and art of Iranians.

All the windows of this house are arranged (sash windows that go upside-down on the heel and cluttered upwards), with their red, green, and white colors multiplying the beauty of the house.


Constitutional Museum:

In 1996, at the Constitutional House, a change was made in the historical documents of the Constitutional Revolution, and the building became a museum. In which the statues of Hossein Khan Baghban, Haj Ali Dawachi, Haj Ali Khutai, Howard Baskerville, Karbala Ali Mussoui, Sheikh Ali Asghar Leylawai, Ali Akbar Dehkhoda, Zaynab Pasha (the only woman to be present in the constitutionalist ranks) was seen.

In addition to these statues and sculptures, Sari Khan weapons, constitutional carpet, personal belongings of constitutional leaders, a gelatinist printing machine for the reproduction of Constitutional Revolution scripts, the image of the historical documents of the Constitutional Revolution and the Constitutional Decree, is also publicly accessible.

Among the most expensive and most valuable objects in the Constitutional House is Sattar Khan's Camry Gun, a pistol of the Russian Pistol, along with its leather pod, which was donated to the Contemporary Treasury by Yadullah Khan Sardarmali, son of Sattarkhan.



You can also visit Isfahan Constitutional House on Neshat Street in Isfahan for free.
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Tabriz Constitutional House Museum


Tabriz, Imam Street, next to the mosque of Kabood, Shahid Motahari St., Constitutional House

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