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History of FathAbad Garden Kerman:

The magnificent Fath'Abad garden was built around the year 1255 Hijri Shamsi near the village of Ekhtiyar Abad, by a person named Fazl Ali Khan Qarabaghi, nicknamed Beglarkhani. The history of this historic garden dates back to the Qajar dynasty during the reign of Mohajshah Qajar.

He became one of the rulers of Kermani. During his reign over Kerman, which lasted for more than five years, Fazlali Khan built a magnificent garden and mansion far from Kerman, which used to be used in the next periods by Nursult al-Malekal I and II.

The drying of the aqueduct that provided the garden water made the mansion a little destroyed and proceeded to ruin, but later rebuilt its magnificence by rebuilding the gardens of the garden, and today it has become a unique gardens Which is 14 hectares wide.

The Fat'Abad Garden was registered on February 12, 2002 with the number 7284 as one of the national works of Iran. The front of the Fathabad Garden has been changed to a traditional restaurant, museum and a place for planting flowers and plants. This garden was opened in August 2012 by Minister of Foreign Affairs Rahmani Fazli.

Opening by the Interior Minister. br

Garden architecture and structure:

The first thing we get after entering the garden is four garden boulevards that are 6 km long and 50 m wide. There are 60-in-5-meter gardens with nice and interesting fountains right in front of the garden. The flood of Fath Abad passes through the middle of the garden.

At the northern end of the garden is the Garden Mansion, which is made up of two floors, with rock clay and mud molding, with a vault of beautiful facades on both sides. In the south, there is a rectangular courtyard in the middle of which there are two ponds that are located 30 meters from the east side of the garden mansion, built on a flat plan.

independent and square, which is said to be a slope or quadrangle To be In the southern rectangular courtyard there are also a number of rooms, some of which are facing the entrance door of the courtyard and some others inside the garden. The entrance of the building is decorated with plaster.

In the main edition there is a gypsy inscription, on which the words "Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim" is written on the Nestalīk line, and it appears on the inscription on the date of 1310 AH. Maybe it indicates that the building on this date The interior and exterior design is modeled on European examples. At the top of the door there are stops that previously had arched magnitudes inside them and at night they reflected light toward the front of the building.
Another mansion was built in the eastern part of the garden, which is a four-seventh floor with domes and pillars, and the bricks and plasterings in it are very elaborate and artistic. The Prince's Garden or the Prince Mahan is designed and designed from the architecture of the Fathabad Garden of Kerman.

Most Iranian gardens were built on steep terrain and there was a pond or water from the beginning to the end of the garden, which was designed to save water in the desert and tropical cities. On the floor of the garden garden there are also stone cutters that are used to see the water jet.


Garden Repair:

Fat'Abad Garden has been abandoned for many years without any care, due to its ancient history, and many damage to the mansion was damaged and most garden trees were dried. Although the garden is located in the desert, the garden has been the gateway to the garden of Karnat, and this garden has been greenery and turned into a paradise of land.

That drought destroyed them all. But fortunately, with the efforts and efforts of the Development Organization of Kermān's endowments and under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage Organization, the restoration and restoration of the garden began in 1392.

In the revival and restoration of the garden, it was attempted not to interfere in the main structure of the garden and maintain its gardens, and the Kerman gardens pattern remained intact. Now the restoration of the garden is in the final stage, and the revival of this garden has become its destination for tourism to visit domestic and foreign tourists.
Among the works to restore and restore this garden are:

  • Return water to this Iranian garden

  • Restore the diverse trees of this garden

  • Restoration of pistachio trees

  • Restoration of the greenhouse and implementation of greenhouse crops

  • Creating a decorative flower garden and a center for their study and sale

  • The construction of a traditional restaurant

  • Construction of sports grounds

  • Construction of the construction and sales of handicrafts

  • Construction of transit-oriented tourism


In April of last year, the Fat'Abad Garden of Kerman witnessed a sporting event named Ultra Marathon of Kavir Lut, Iran. For the sake of such sports events, tourism will play a significant role in the development of tourism facilities in Iran.
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Kerman FatAbad Garden


Kerman, 20 km from Kerman province, the city of Ekhtiyar Abad, Fathabad garden in Kerman

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